The news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing saddened my heart as well as millions around the world. Her grace and many life experiences has been one I’ve followed since I can’t remember when!

I’ve watched probably all of the documentary specials about her life, I’ve sat in front of my big screen many times watching all the mini series and movies about her Grace. She has touched me with so many extraordinary legacy experiences and family history.

Her love for her little Corgi’s always impressed me, too! The path set out for her was one of which gave much strength to Great Britain where her dedication to do her premium best for her nation was not always easy, but she did it perfectly in my eyes.

The Royal Family has always captivated the world throughout it’s reign and antiquities. My heart goes out to her family and my wishes for much love and success for King Charles are in my prayers.

As for the photo above, I am in a sort of shock because I had set out K&S’s Last Fantasy Backdrop (amazing build btw) just yesterday and wanted to design a royal queen style setting. I was picking out a queen’s outfit and accessories to wear and tried to decide how to decorate it. When I heard the sad news of Queen Elizabeth’s death it all came together and my hope to do my own personal tribute to her was my final plan. The photo did not need me in it.

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So, let’s do a little tid-bit now about the items I used. Like I said, K&S’s Last Fantasy Backdrop is truly exceptional for anyone who needs a full room and palace setting for a majestic scene or even goth-fantasy-mystical! I know I’ll be using it again. Everything you see in this photo is part of the design with the exceptions in my style card below.

Everyone loves JIAN and her greatness! All hail JIAN! I had several sets of her precious Corgi’s and was thrilled to have them gaze at Queen Elizabeth in the reflection of the mirror and set upon her throne. Notice I only put one throne out…for a reason.

If the Queen ever shopped for “corgi” decor, I know she would have bought the sweet Foxwood Corgi Planters! The “Princess Mirror” by Noble Creations made it’s purpose for me today, too!

I hope you enjoyed my photo and tribute today!

See more items in Style Card below.

⚜️⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ STYLE CARD ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️⚜️

K&S ~ Last Fantasy Backdrop

Noble Creations ~ Princess Mirror

JIAN ~ Corgi’s & Kitten Clingers

Dreaming Thicket ~ Ladies’ Crown – Empress RARE

:::ChicChica::: ~ Temperance Coronet Crown (in Corgi’s mouth)

Foxwood – Corgi Planters

King’s Throne Candelabrum & Wall Shield – Designer no longer available.

Red Throne & Wings are mine that I’ll be making something new coming soon!

xoxo Bambi

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