Sipala is a stunning Region at Fantasy Faire 2023 where every time you turn you’ll be snapping photos for memories to last forever. A true fairyland awaits you!

Melodic Effect Sponsors this lush land and Gidgette Adagio was the brains behind the terrain and layout. Wonder through the magical gazebos, waterfalls, hills of flying butterflies and find your way to meet Sharhara, the Mother Dragon. She won’t talk to you, however, unless….

If you haven’t already, you best jump on board with the Quest before all vanishes on May 7th. Sharhara opens her wonderful eyes and speaks with guidance and prompts more for your adventure. You can pick up your choices of the Quest HUDS at any landing point of each Region as well as the Fairelands Junction.

This is the perfect faireland for fairies, trolls, kings & queens, lovers, Dinkies and more. Won’t you come join me?

The items I am wearing are stunning and all will benefit Relay For Life. Pick these up soon so you can be a part of the golden pot we are raising for this worthy cause!

FANTASY FAIRE ~ April 20 to May 7, 2023
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society
GOAL: To Build a World Without Cancer

(Don’t worry if you can’t catch it all by the 7th, in years past Linden Labs allows the event to carry on for about an extra day!)

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Find the Fish ~ Sun Tattoo & Halo ~ FF2023
Astrium ~ Fae Eyeshadow (Blue) ~ FF2023
KMH ~ Hair F228 ~ FF2023
Moth & Moon ~ Aria Head & Body Skin GHOST ~ FF2023
The Little Bat ~ Dela Wings ~ FF2023
Petrichor :[P]:- Waxen Candle Set & Horns ~ FF2023


Cyra from The Quest