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♛ Thank You for visiting BamPu Legacies!  

I welcome you with warm friendship and the rapture of love Second Life

brings to us all. I strive to bring you excellence in adventurous moments

while exploring the playgrounds of my mind

through my Art, Photography, Blogger Reviews and Designs in Second Life!

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BamPu Legacies ~ Designs by Bambi Chicque

BamPu Legacies remains on the cutting edge with the most unique and different

items for your decorating desires and ensembles of clothing ranging from costumes, role play,

formal and evening, holiday and every day fun. I spend hours upon hours in photoshop to

perfect the textures for the highest resolution, detail and mouth watering color pallets!


I have several levels of Degrees including Business, Fine Arts, Theatre & Dance

as well as a Marketing Degree in real. My past years of experience in designing clothing

and jewelry, setting up trade shows, appearing in commercials and small parts

in local movies, modeling, traveling the world and photography matched my inner

creative desires to bring you my best in Second Life as well.



Enticing Events, Faires, Hunts & More

Isle Of Dee ~ Medieval Fantasy Fair

SL11B – A Reporter’s Journey

See Other Tabs for More Blog Reviews

If you would like to send a Review Pack to me, please make sure

to title the folder appropriately and include your information

along with landmark, design info, event name & landmark, etc.

If I don’t get to your items right away, I will do my best to

do so very soon.  Keep your eye on my

Bambi Chicque Of BamPu Legacies FLICKR

for photos of your items!

As I do take my own personal time away from designing, I love to explore, photograph,

change clothing and hair often (*giggle giggle*) to find my own treasures while on

scores of Second Life Hunts ….and trekking through the endless voluptuous

Events & Fairs! I have the utmost respect for our collection of “Fine Creators”

within our sojourn world and love to share my finds with you.



Take a journey through time with stories and photographs of amusements, hoopla’s, entertainment,

events, fairs, SL hunts and down to earth delight! I list the Creator’s names, items,

descriptions and locations for you to find and enjoy for yourself, too!



This section is devoted to some of my finest and Award Winning SL PHOTOGRAPHY.

While it takes me almost 2 hours to add my work to the Flickr Groups I am a proud

member of, the ones I do manage to post receive Awards after Awards!

Most of my artwork is available at my Art Gallery and I am currently working

to update my 2 photography websites.

© Tanya Elise’ Howard; aka Bambi Chicque and BamPu Legacies of Second Life, 2014.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material and images without express and

written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to

Tanya Elise’ Howard; aka Bambi Chicque and BamPu Legacies of Second Life

with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

BamPu Legacies Is Born

BamPu Legacies Is Born

♛ BamPu Legacies Is Born ♛




BamPu Legacies Main Palace Shop

Here you you will find everything that I create tucked inside one of the largest

and most gorgeous Palaces you will see in SecondLife

~ 4 floors of fun!

Not only will you enjoy your shopping experience, but you can also explore the

palace to find posing areas, a nice spa, my Art Gallery and notices for future

Fashion Shows. I participate in many Events, Fairs & Hunts and

have an entry wall displaying everything for you to view!

 There you will find my BamPu Legacies GROUPJOINER!


BamPu Legacies at Two Moon Paradise Wharfs 

I am proud to announce that I was invited to design specifically for Two Moon Paradise’s

Venues and Events. They offered me a gorgeous shop along The Wharf where you will find

something to wear while attending their themed events as well as your own

every day personal travels in Second Life!

Stay up to day with their Events:


Visit BamPu Legacies At Two Moon Paradise (TP TO WHARF SHOPPING AREA)


BamPu Legacies at “ISLE OF DEE ~ ROLEPLAY 

Adding constantly to my ROLEPLAY creations led me to find another humble home for

BamPu Legacies Shop At “ISLE OF DEE” ROLEPLAY

For  more information on their Races/Quests, How-To’s, Rules, Academy and much more,

keep a bookmark to stay updated with everything ISLE OF DEE has to offer!

™ BamPu Legacies Logo

BamPu Legacies Logo

Visit “Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies” Marketplace

(Not all of my designs are on Marketplace,

but you will find everything at my Main Palace Shop)

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