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In Search Of Sand And Sea LOGO.png.There are so many events on Second Life’s roster and I do my best to search them all out for shopping and beautiful environments for my photography craving!

In between traveling, staying at hotels & spending all my free time in my favorite world…where else? SecondLife! ~ I post my treasures and tales here and place my photography on my flickr.

Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies Flickr:

I have folders waiting to post, but for now I thought you would enjoy a tid bit regarding the Sand And Sea Expo 2013.

In Search of Sand And Sea Expo 2013 ~ The Tree Is Fine!

In Search of Sand And Sea Expo 2013 ~ The Tree Is Fine!

I was in haste, yes you see.

To the event

I must wear my best.

Lost my timekeeper in the kelp.

Snagged the wrong map from waters depth.

Slipped into my ruby red mer~dress

And almost forgot to tuck in my breast.

The fish at the school had already left.

All the waves were roaring in unrest,

I could hear the sails flapping beyond the sea;

Oh my, what a weft!

Then a bright red flash flickered from above.

I pondered someone sent my knight in white mer~armor.

Yet not a blissful foam or nest of seaweed,

All I could see was a vector with 4 black drums.

Rythms and hums it echoed in swell

Guess that’s my ride – I might as well.

Nor on land or under the sea

Have I ever surfed on such as thee.

But off I flew when the drums rolled over

I did not even notice the thud or the thunder,

But more so found a tree!

No not driftwood, nor log or bamboo was he,

It stood quite solid and whispered to me:

“Just push that fin deep to the board

The day is not over, you’ll meet the fjord!

The sand and sea will always be near

Don’t worry, as my laughter is your reward my dear!”

And so I suppose a thought to shine

Why yes, the Tree Is Fine!

 ♥ The end ♥ 

Oh wait…

I did land where I meant to be!

(I had just finished posing with several new mermaid outfits when I heard new music ~ I flew over to my neighbor’s to see what was going on and found this unique vehicle stuck in the wall as displayed in a sort of crash!  We laughed and, of course, I clicked “ride” ~ and away I went.  The thought of me rushing back and forth setting up some of my items at the exhibit, buying, clicking for prizes, taking photographs and posing at various booth areas…I thought this scene was a perfect way to describe how I was feeling at that moment!)

Relaxing At Sand & Sea Expo 2013 ~ Furnishings by Headhunter's Island

Relaxing At Sand & Sea Expo 2013 ~ Furnishings by Headhunter’s Island

I have always loved Headhunter”s Island designs.  Their details in textures and creative ideas have brought pleasure to my personal hideaway sim.  Each exhibitor had prizes for patrons as well as gifts for the bloggers.  Yep, I’ll be rezzing away sometime tomorrow eve to check out my new goodies!   This is the first year for the Sand And Sea Expo which adorned many spectacular builders and designers.

You can keep up with their information here:

This gracious event was sponsored by Oceania Breedables.

It came at a perfect time for me as I had just purchased Chanimation’s newest  treat “Diving Deep” and wanted to search out new mermaid ensembles to add to my enormous collection – Yes I WANT MORE!!  I merrily set out this gorgeous Rainbow Fish in my mermaid cave (Enigmacious Merhaven) and began to pose for several hours while listening to enigma musicals.  The colors and sleek beauty of this new friend of mine had me enthusiastic to hurry and get my sim ready for the public.  I have lots of surprises in store, so I thought it best to take my time and present everything when all is perfectly in order; and I am in by no means in a rush…but will let everyone know when the Grand Opening begins.  My new business partner and I have such plans!!!   I’m sure you will feel as though your dreams have come true once you enter my fantasy world.

Continueing on:  Kudos! to Chandra of Chanimations / deviousMind for yet another outstanding creation!

The set has several options to set out to use and she includes an informative note card explaining the poses, several prim and texture options.

Of Chance We Meet ~ Rainbow Fish "Diving Deep" ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury by Celoe and LeLutka’s Erare Event

Of Chance We Meet ~ Rainbow Fish “Diving Deep” ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury by Celoe and LeLutka’s Erare Event

I selected 2 of my favorite poses that Chandra packaged in this luxurious mermaid prop.  Be sure to visit her shop and delight yourself with the other poses.

Chanimations:  deviousMind

I can’t wait to see what’s next from Celoe and LeLutka Erare!  My friend, Grace, has kept me well informed with the latest mer-fun-items and we fell in love with this particular alluring red set called “Sirens Fury”

You can find it here:   Celoe and LeLutka’s Erare Event

Tranquil Harmony ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury ~ Rainbow Fish by Chanimations deviousMind

Tranquil Harmony ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury ~ Rainbow Fish by Chanimations deviousMind

My friend, Grace, invited people to come to the Sand and Sea Expo to give “mermaid lessons”!

We had fun as we watched everyone merdance in their ornate mermaid clothing and accessories.  This beauty caught my eye as she danced in such poise!

Safe Waters ~ Exhibit by Safe Waters Foundation ~ Hugz To My Friend Grace

Safe Waters ~ Exhibit by Safe Waters Foundation ~ Hugz To My Friend Grace

And I finally found the perfect setting for one of my favorite designer’s mermaid ensembles:  Boudoir’s “Fishing For Compliments”.  To compliment the set I found emo-Tions’ newest hair “Sunburst” (purchased at Fantasy Faire 2013) to coordinate perfectly!  I comes in 4 vivid colors as well as matching hair bases.  I love how Madrid Solo’s “Insanity Plea” makeup (purchased at Fashion For Life Event 2013) harmonized the complete look.



Fearless Charm ~ Mermaid Ensemble by Boudoir ~ Hair by emo-Tions

Fearless Charm ~ Mermaid Ensemble by Boudoir ~ Hair by emo-Tions

I am on  a roll photographing new mermaid sets and will post them here soon.  The Sand and Sea Expo 2013 not only opened the door to new creations ranging from yachts, beach homes & furnishings and apparel but brought my friends and myself hour of pleasure while swimming in the deep blue sea and visiting the land decor.  I was honored to be able to set out a few items for “FREE” at my friend’s display from Two Moons Paradise.  I will have these items for free at my shop for a limited time.  I added more designs to the shop this past week and have a few more to add in the coming days.

Be sure to visit Two Moons Paradise this week as we have a gorgeous Rain Forest set up for dancing with your friends.  Remember, there is a Mermaid area below with ongoing entertainment.

Visit BamPu Legacies Shop:

(You will land at the main area and TP or fly to The Wharf Area for the shops!)  Look for me in between YDEA and Chop Zuey!

Two Moons Paradise Display at Sand And Sea Expo 2013

Two Moons Paradise Display at Sand And Sea Expo 2013

I hope you enjoyed viewing the gorgeous mermaid outfits and reading a little bit here.  I don’t have as much time to blog as I would like, but I know I get messages regarding my posts and questions about items and sales.  Thank you all for visiting!

Be sure to check out my marketplace:

Til next time!  hugzzz

Bambi Chicque

March has proven to be the utmost busiest nutsy craziest month for me in real and in Second Life!  In between traveling, crashing at hotels and finding my way to the PC to design and create for Two Moons Paradise Venue Events ~ I do get a little time to explore!



I am gratefully honored that when I add a new photo to BamPu Legacies’ flickr, I am overwhelmed with the response and AWARDS I receive!  As you already have guessed, props and posing along with photography in Second Life are among my favorite things to do!  I had fun with Willa Whybrow’s LIFE IS A CIRCUS juggling pose & props while strutting my stuff (hence:  my St Patty’s TARA & Flexi Wings Ensemble) while exploring THE COURT!

Please visit BamPu Legacies Marketplace to see all my exciting creations I have designed for the Two Moons Paradise Events and much more…yes more to come too!!

The St Patty’s TARA was an inspiration derived from a combination of “two”….two mints in one!….. Two Moons Paradise Venue Events:  St Patrick’s Day Celebration & Butterflies!

Shiran At Two Moons Paradise

As always, Shiran keeps me giggling and in awe at the amazing unique outfits she finds for her events!  This one is one of my fav’s!  The outfit ” Irish Beer” is created by Fairyzette Sahara.  Shiran told me she purchased it at Les Sucreries de Fairy.  She is quite ravishing in the Madrid Solo makeup and hair by Hazzard!  (NOW I know where to get that stuff as well!)

I have much respect and admiration for all creators and designers in Second Life and will keep you informed as much as I can regarding their items I post here.  Feel free to contact me via note card in world if this interests you.

Our lovely Argus continues to dance the night away as usual while entertaining the guests at Two Moons Paradise.  You can always find her near the stage and eager to answer questions!Argus At Two Moons Paradise

Everyone loves Max!  He extends so much to our hearts AND ears as he entertains the patrons weekly at Two Moons!   I enjoy watching the COW TIP….TIP….TIP….TIP – yes the COW TIPS! LOL

Maximillion Kleene At Two Moons Paradise St Patty's

I found myself at an endless pose while reminiscing to his voice and music ~ he always plays my favorite songs….and so I stood here for about an hour:

St Patrick's Day Event at Two Moons Paradise

…while watching people gather around my displays at the entry to purchase my designs……..ooooh and to pick up the FREE WINGS that were set out for a PROMO LIMITED TIME….

Customers Love BamPu Legacies Designs

Remember to fly over to THE WHARF area while at Two Moons Paradise and visit the shops ~ You will find my PROMO’s there, too, at Bampu Legacies Shop!  I am honored to be among many great designers there!

Say hello to Shiran and Argus while there!

Bambi's Free Wings During St Patty's Event

I guess I’ll go change out of green now and get ready to post more in a bit! lol

Enjoy!  Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

February has been quite the busy month for BamPu Legacies!  I have the honor in creating “themed” clothing and items for the Two Moons Paradise Venue to coordinate with their ongoing Events. This month (February 2013) I was asked to create for ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  I will follow this post with their Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Events soon.  But for now……….

A couple of BamPu Legacies Designs Displayed at Two Moons Paradise "Alice In Wonderland" Event

A couple of BamPu Legacies Designs Displayed at Two Moons Paradise “Alice In Wonderland” Event

Two Moons Paradise Venue is known for their ever so popular Events, Decor, Contests and Live Performances.  You can catch up on their daily schedule at the following link:  And of course, they list their Events on the Second Life Event page.

Every time my friends and I visit Two Moons we are delighted with the most engaging entertainment.  Most of you are familiar with a couple of the following talents:

Max and Damian Duo Performance

Max and Damian Duo Performance

Amforte Clarity Performance at Two Moons Paradise "Alice In Wonderland" Event

Amforte Clarity Performance at Two Moons Paradise “Alice In Wonderland” Event

One can never sit still at the Two Moons Events as they have placed a variety of Dances to click and join in the fun!

Dancing Among Friends at Two Moons Paradise "Alice In Wonderland" Event

Dancing Among Friends at Two Moons Paradise “Alice In Wonderland” Event

The turn out for the Alice In Wonderland Event has been thrilling!  It’s a delight to see the variety of themed outfits everyone wears as they walk through the castle gates.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

TheTwins~ Alice!

TheTwins~ Alice!

And here “plops” Argus our Queen of Hearts who never left her throne! How tired did she get?  Nevah!

Posing with Argus "The Queen Of Hearts"

Posing with Argus “The Queen Of Hearts”

I caught a glimpse of Baxter dancing in the air above Shiran as everyone was calling him to come down and join in ~ But I guess he preferred his moment in flight!

Baxter Dancing and Flying Above Shiran!

Baxter Dancing and Flying Above Shiran!

Shiran purchased all my clothing sets and every time I saw her, she was strutting about in one of them!  They look awesome on her!

Shiran Modeling My Alice In Wonderland "Majestic" Queen of Hearts Dress

Shiran Modeling My Alice In Wonderland “Majestic” Queen of Hearts Dress

As I was designing away on more outfits, my best friend ~ well hmmm ~ I have so many best friends in Second Life, so I’ll just say Vi is my best building and exploring buddy!  Anyway, she IM’d me in delight as she was showing off my Chelshire Sexy Cat Outfit to her friends and owners of White Tiger and told me she selected an unusual skin (by Fallen Gods) that coordinated perfectly with it!  She rushed in and I had to get a shot of her posing in it!

Vi Modeling Chelshire

Vi Modeling Chelshire

I’d like to take this moment to THANK SHIRAN for asking me to design for their venue!

The Beautiful Shiran

The Beautiful Shiran

We have lots more planned so please come back to read more and see the new and unique items that will be created for all the Two Moons Paradise Events yet to come!

I have listed these items on Marketplace in Second Life:

Hope to see you at Two Moons soon!

Bambi Chicque

Today I’m excited to show you my entry for the 2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest (see photo below) which is sponsored by Sascha’s Designs and Styles by Danielle!  I first learned about this contest while visiting The Rose Theatre with a friend. So I thought I’d do a little write up real quick about The Rose Theatre / Angel Manor and plan to add more notes regarding Sascha’s Designs and Stylle immediately following.

Information regarding the contest can be viewed here:

My first visit to The Rose Theatre / Angel Manor was in November 2012 while on another “photo shoot” opp with a friend.  He suggested we visit the Rose Theatre Art Gallery in hopes to continue my inspiration and aspirations for my personal graphics artwork and future plans with it in SecondLife and my personal website.

I have a grand collection of photographs to add to my website very soon.

The Rose Theatre

The first area we ventured into was the Library!  I gasped at the beauty and perfect texturing throughout which resulted in excellent craftsmanship in design.  I’m quite picky about texturing myself!  There are so many rooms and areas to visit ~ it reminds me of the Smithsonian Institute in that you just can’t see it all in one day!  I had seen photographs of this amazing Library on the web in the past and was delighted to actually be inside it now!  It’s breathtaking and is a “must see” in SL!!

Angel Manor Library

We spent several hours wondering around and taking pictures before we entered the Art Gallery since I was so excited for all the beautiful and entertaining surroundings.  Once inside the Art Gallery I studied carefully the variety of art displayed with impressed thoughts and kudos in my mind for the Artists!  I hope to show my work there someday, too.

The Rose Theatre Art Gallery

I made sure to click on all the visitor information signs for their events, performance venues and art show dates.  This is when I read about the Oscar’s Photo Contest and decided right there and then to enter when the time came around again.

Beautiful stained glass windows At Angel Manor!

Beautiful stained glass windows At Angel Manor!

We went back many more times and attended an exquisite Christmas Event:  The Nutcracker Performance. I felt like I was actually living inside SL for real while gazing at the dancers and mesmerized by the music.

The Nutcracker Performance December 2012

The Nutcracker Performance December 2012

The gorgeous stage and extravagant performance hall is one of the most impressive I have seen in SL.  Quite glamorous!!  There is a sort of elegant vintage feel when you are a guest of this venue.  I hope they put on Phantom Of The Opera sometime soon, too!

The palace was built by Kaya Angel.  One of the rooms has magnificent art hanging with a photograph of Kaya and associates.  (photo to be added soon)

And so the time arrived to enter the 2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest and I have been a busy little bee changing into an array of evening gowns, setting up my own props at the BamPu Legacies Photography Studio and simply visiting sims to take pictures.  My friends always IM me to come play ~ but I have been on a mission for the last month to get that final photo to submit.  So, here you are!

Bambi Chicque Entry for 2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest

Upon viewing the numerous entries for this special contest, I have admired them all.  I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone!

You can view the entries here:

My Evening Gown selection incudes:

Gown:  MLC Mohna Lisa Couture “Barely There” in champaigne colors

Shoes:  MWC Sandale Joys – gold with diamonds!

Hair:  Earth & Sky “Tanya” true black

Jewelry: a)  MLC Mohna Lisa Couture “Audrey” ~ love the way the diamonds drape down the back! B) Mistwood Diamond Ring

I do hope you will visit The Rose Theatre and enjoy it as much as I do.  I have many more pictures to post and am thinking I will make a special folder for them!

Ciao for now!

Bambi Chicque


A journey through Second Life can include more than just a mere visit to a sim for a glance or to shop; one never knows what surprises you’ll find along the way.  But first?  Must go shopping for that right outfit together!

~Gabriel Fashion & Accessories~

My friend, Gopu suggested we shop for coordinating winter fur jackets.  I knew just the right place!  So we hit one of my very favorite stores “Gabriel Fashion & Accessories”.  Of course, you can’t leave that fabulous store without looking around and picking up a few more things before heading out for the evening!  Oh…and they allow you to purchase gifts for your friends on site.  Gift exchanging can be fun any time of the year! Our deciding selection for a stroll on the Waterfront was Gabiel’s “Mega Fur Jacket” ensemble.  There are many wonderful fur designers in Second Life, but we had to pick out more than one set as their designs are superlicious!  I have found these matching White Fur Boots to be one of my fav’s!

So we headed straight to the Waterfront where several sims had pulled together for a special event.  Along the way we met a quite friendly pup that just had to be played with.  We walked him home and headed down the path for more to see and do.

~Waterfront Nite_008..5.crop750.jpg.

We stopped for a rest at a local farm area and fed the beautiful horses ripe red apples.  Gazing at the stars for a while, the music set the pace for a decision to dance.


After stopping a few times to take photographs, I noticed Gopu at the “Awffle House” ~ where I come from that’s Waffle House!  I joined him for the Michael Jackson Thriller dance….oh and so did a few Zombies!

~Thriller Dance~

As it began to draw closer into the night, we decided to take a little swim.  Much to our surprise we encountered a lovely spunky dolphin who was friendly enough to join us.


We became a bit thirsty and decided to stop off for a cocktail and found ourselves on the dance floor once again ~ a usual custom we have had when we get together.


Finally, the night wouldn’t end right without a mere friendly Second Life hug.

~Waterfront Nite_001.7.CR.frCrop750.

Make sure you visit Gabriel’s soon.  They have a live DJ from time to time as you shop among many new items, sales and visit the other nearby venues.  I’m sure you will find Gabriel’s to be one of the finest clothing and accessory stores for men and women!

Stay tuned as I have hundreds more ventures to share with you.   There is still much tweaking to do for the opening of the BamPu’s Enigmacious Merhaven along with many more surprises to come!

Until next time!


Bambi Chicque

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