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GACHA ADDICTION "Castaway Festival" Castaway Hanging Tents by BamPu Legacies!

GACHA ADDICTION “Castaway Festival” Castaway Hanging Tents by BamPu Legacies!

You won’t want to miss this fun GACHA “Castaway Festival”!

I have already played all the GACHA games from the wonderful various creators

and will be posting my gorgeous “castaway stuff” here soon…..

In the mean time….Come on over and play my GACHA

to win any of these fabulous “Castaway Hanging Tents”!!

There is one RARE ~ The “Chocolate”!

Each play is $75 linden.

10 prims for each hanging tent.

It also includes this fun COUPLE’S POSE!

Tent Temptation!  GACHA AUGUST 2013 "Castaway Pirate" Hanging Tent by BamPu Legacies!

Tent Temptation! GACHA AUGUST 2013 “Castaway Pirate” Hanging Tent by BamPu Legacies!

I already had requests for my CASTAWAY PIRATE HANGING TENT,

so make sure you come play the GACHA game at the event to snatch them up for such a great price!

(After the festival is over as I will be adding these items

to my BamPu Legacies Shop.

The sale items will be set to COPY OK.)

You can either play my GACHA at my BamPu Legacies Shop at Two Moon Paradise



Come join the full festival fun at the main GACHA EVENT



Gacha Castaway Festiva Aug4-25


Horizon wide and sea so blue,
the nightmare it becomes so true.
A nightmare or maybe a boon?
We all need relaxation soon.
So instead of complaining this mad situation,
put on pink glasses and have a vacation.
CASTAWAY Gacha runs from August 4 – 25th 2013
Pass by, have fun and become addicted.

Hope to see you there!

hUGzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Elephantasia for BLBH Hunt Aug 1-15 2013

Elephantasia for BLBH Hunt Aug 1-15 2013

I have been soooooooooo wanting to design these “fantasy style” elephants for the longest time!

Finally did it!  Wheeew!

The Bleeping Bunny Hunt will be held August 1-15th 2013.

My item for the hunt will be this quaint outlandish ELEPHANTASIA!

The pose is included.  This item will be transfer only.

But….read more below…..yes there is more!

His legs, trunk and tail are elongated to give those SL photographers out there a FUN item to pose with!

There are 15 Sponsors and 56 Top Selling Designers who are participating in the hunt.

*adding to my August Bucket List*

The hunt items are set at 0$ Linden!

Bleeping Bunny Grid-Wide Hunt ~ August 1-15 2013

Bleeping Bunny Grid-Wide Hunt ~ August 1-15 2013

❣ THE BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT August 1st-15th 2013 ❣

That #$%@& Bunny! Running around, moving, hiding things and making a mess- can’t find anything when he is around.  Welcome to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt- a hunt so hard you’ll want to curse! Every designer will provide you a hint, a riddle, or a scavenger hunt of clues to find the hidden exclamation mark! You’ll encounter decoys along the way, but stick with it and you’ll be rewarded.  Our sponsors will be giving you some bleeping fantastic specials, freebies and mini-hunts!  Be sure to check each sponsor’s store for specific information on their special event or item for you! It’s the BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT-meant to be hard-if it’s easy, why do it!

☞ You can find all the LANDMARKS & HINTS here:


Elephantasia ~ Mother & Baby ~ With Pose

Elephantasia ~ Mother & Baby ~ With Pose

✯ My BONUS to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt ✯

The FULL SET of the ELEPHANTASIA will be on sale for HALF PRICE

for the duration of the hunt only!

This set includes the sweeeeeeeeet Baby Elephantasia!

Both include poses and are COPY OK!

How cool is that?

Be sure to visit the BamPu Legacies Shop and take advantage of the sale for this limited time only!


Okies ~ gosta run to design more goodies for ya!

hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chicque




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