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Sunday Garden Pink 2 Sets

Sunday Garden Pink 2 Sets

As promised – and I know Shiran of Two Moon Paradise is

TICKLED PINK ~ Here are the other color palettes I created for


Sunday Garden Aqua 2 Sets

Sunday Garden Aqua 2 Sets

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Sunday Garden Purple 2 Sets

Sunday Garden Purple 2 Sets

❣ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❣

You can find these lovelies at 2 of my shops:

BamPu Legacies Main Palace Shop

BamPu Legacies at Two Moon Paradise (Wharf Shopping Area)

Sunday Garden Bunny Mini Skirt & Bow Top

Sunday Garden Bunny Mini Skirt & Bow Top

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If you miss the Evil Bunny Hunt, I’ll have the Yellow Set out afterwards!

Hugzz Bambi Chicque Logo. copy

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LUV My Critters © Bambi Chicque

LUV My Critters © Bambi Chicque


That EVIL BUNNY strikes again!

You have over 90 hops to make to find your Naughty and Nice Eggs & Gifts!

Also, make your way to Cupid’s Secret Garden to find your SPONSOR GIFTS.

I hope you enjoy your amazing gifts as much as I have!


I am honored, once again, to be a Sponsor for The Evil Bunny Hunt 4

which is created by our loving and artistic GRUMBLE! owner Allie Munro!

Thank you, Allie! *hugzzz*

Sunday Garden TEBH4 Female Sponsor Gift & Hunt Item

Sunday Garden TEBH4 Female Sponsor Gift & Hunt Item

As I was creating these delightful Sunday Garden Bunny Shoes (Sponsor Gift),

my friend, Shiran was watering at the mouth for COLORS COLORS COLORS!

(You will see on next post the other color palettes I created for the shop).

You can get your YELLOW Sponsor Gifts at Cupid’s Secret Garden.

Sunday Garden TEBH4 Male Sponsor Gift & Hunt Item

Sunday Garden TEBH4 Male Sponsor Gift & Hunt Item

I sent a test set of the Men’s shoes to my friend, Chigs, and he flipped a zllions over these and said YES!

Guys, you can get your Sunday Garden Male Deck Shoes (Sponsor Gift) at

TEBH4 Cupid’s Secret Garden and the Baret Gift at my shop!

Sunday Garden Easter Hat ~ TEBH4 Gift

Sunday Garden Easter Hat ~ TEBH4 Gift

BamPu Legacies is Stop #14 – Make your way to my BamPu Legacies Main Palace Shop

to find your TEBH4 Gifts!  I just adore this lovely FLOPPY HAT which is adorned with ivy, a sweet

bunny, nest with Easter Eggs and flowing ribbons & bows!

The guys will find their Sunday Garden Beret Gift at the shop, too!

Modeling Sunday Garden Yellow Set

Modeling Sunday Garden Yellow Set

To finalize your lovely TEBH4 Easter Gifts, I created a sexy and luscious Mini Skirt

and Bow Top now available for sale at the Shop!

The Bow Top has a RESIZER so you may adjust to your personal size and

it comes with an ALPHA that took me 3 hour to perfect! LOL

The Mini Skirt comes in 6 mesh sizes –

There is no need for an ALPHA as it fits nicely just around the body!

I included 2 pairs of panties, too!


In the first photo above, I wanted to show off some of the other

….well I selected NICE gifts…. available for your hunt!

Petite Plunder & Immortals – Naughty Bunny Thrones & Pink Wisteria Arbor/Bench

PDN’s Potpourri –  Easter Cake

Hanaya – French Country Mixed Bouquet & Floating Roses (Rotates!)

Bite & Claw – Side Table (with Candle) & Birds Rug

Finishing Touches – Grey Bunny w/Easter Cookie Tin (Gigantic)

Yay And Stuff – Wall Pictures – Love Letters & Butterflies

Opal – Eternal Gold Lapis Ring

Ali&Ali Hair – Paninka



In order to show off the TEBH4 Gifts, I had to do it right in my photo set up!

The Chapter Four April 2014 Event brought me felicitous pixel delights with their

Special Sales & GACHA Event items!

Sneaking off to my obscure irrigated island retreat I proudly bring to you:

*ionic* La Boheme (Beach House) – RARE

Birdy/Alchemy – Forest Babies  – Raccoon RARE, White Fox, Bear Cub Polar, & Squirrel Red

HIDEKI – Record Player & Floor Lamp

Oh La La – Dolls A & B

Alchemy – Spring Deer Wall Mount – Gold

*alirium* Petite Woods


Take A Break Join BamPu Legacies


"Valentine's LOVE Wall Decor" by Bambi Chicque

“Valentine’s LOVE Wall Decor” by Bambi Chicque


I am covering several events, items and gifts today and trying my best to

catch up since I have been swamped in real….here goes….

*turns telephone OFF*….



Spruce up your Valentine’s love scenery with this gorgeous

“Valentine’s LOVE Wall Décor”!

 I had it set out as a Free-For-1-Day Gift  for

“The Valentine’s Market Cart Sale” where each Designer has a special gift

to give away FREE for a selected calendar day.

(Mine was January 19th  and I will be participating again in all future sales events

and plan to post much sooner.  *grins with love* )

I woke up early on January 19th and logged on to SL where I saw the

Group Chat ringing with instructions to

“make sure you grab your free gift today from BamPu Legacies

because this is so wonderful and different!

Even the shop owners will want this!”

I was tickled pink to hear so many sweet comments about my creation,

so I know you will love it too for yourself!

**You can find my Valentine’s LOVE Wall Décor at my shop here**

~ BamPu Legacies MAIN PALACE SHOP ~


Valentines Market AD

There are only a few days left to enjoy this sale so make sure you hurry to:



The Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 is on from Feb 1 thru Feb 15th!

I am honored to be a SPONSOR for this round of

stupid bunny hoppity-love gifts reflecting the Valentine’s theme!

So, yes, I have 2 gifts for everyone! 

Love Is In The Air Wall Decor ~HUNT GIFT~ by Bambi Chicque

Love Is In The Air Wall Decor ~HUNT GIFT~ by Bambi Chicque

~Gift #1:  LOVE IS IN THE AIR Wall Decor~

This gorgeous ornate mesh frame with a photo of love parrots I played with

for a paint-style ambiance also has an attached colorful parrot to match!

Notice the brilliant DIAMOND EYE!

The feedback for this $0Linden TSCH2 gift has been heart- warming to me!

(Thank you all who have sent me kind words of thanks!)

You can find the Cupid Arrow for your $0Linden gift here:

~ BamPu Legacies MAIN PALACE SHOP ~


Live Love Laugh Wall Decor ~ SPONSOR GIFT ~ by Bambi Chicque

Live Love Laugh Wall Decor ~ SPONSOR GIFT ~ by Bambi Chicque

~ Gift #2:  LIVE LOVE LAUGH Wall Decor~ SPONSOR GIFT ~

Again, the response to this gift has been unbelievable as even other Designers

and Shop Owners have told me they are adding it to their personal shops!

Another comment in particular was that it is “BIG AND THAT’S WHAT I LOVE”!

I took the time in photoshop to create a luscious red gem texture for the characters

and added 2 lily flowers to it; partial mesh.

You have to do the hunt to find your FINAL CLUE to get to the “CUPID’S LOVE NEST”!

Allie Munro did an excellent job in creating a beautiful garden for this finale

to the hunt and I am sure you will want to take photos while there!

The Sponsor Gifts and all the Designer’s Gifts are incredible!

 Stupid Cupid Hunt AD

The Stupid Cupid Hunt 2

February 1 through February 15 2014

That Cupid, he’s so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere,

flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes.

He’s trying to make love matches all across SL! He has no clue what he’s doing,

going from store to store and shooting random things…

…he’s making a mess of the place, shooting anything he sees.

Find the CUPID’S ARROWS at stores across SL to lead you to cupid’s love nest

and fall in love with 20 SPONSOR PRIZES that await you!

~~ It’s the STUPID CUPID hunt and it starts at Grumble! ~~



This concludes just a tad of news I want to share with you….

*turns telephone BACK ON* LOL

Happy Valentine’s Day!

hugzzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Tattoo ~Unisex

Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Tattoo ~Unisex

Ever wonder about the First  Thanksgiving?

I decided to create something for

“The Jerky Turkey Hunt 3” which runs November 15~30 2013

honoring the Wampanoag Native American Indians

by creating this magnificent turkey-feathered unisex headdress

along with a tattoo layer mask blending in the same colors.

The Thanksgiving Holiday stems from the glorious feast held in the

Fall of 1621 by the first Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indian Tribe

to celebrate the colony’s first successful harvest at Plymouth Plantation.

I am partial American Indian in real and have such an affinity for anything

native in home decor and wardrobe – I hope you enjoy this!

Yes…I will be  making some clothing for this ornate “Turkey Dusk Headdress”!

The tattoo layer mask comes in 2 styles:

1 with a hint of blended eyeliner (that also looks fab on the guys), the other has

no eyeliner so you can add your own.

The Turkey Dusk Headdress has a RESIZER so anyone can adjust.

Jerkey Turkey Hunt 3 AD

The Boo! Bunny has been spotted again!!

This morning at 12:01 ~ ummm just after midnight ~

The Boo! Bunny “JERKY TURKEY HUNT 3” started!

Once again I am honored to be a part of this special holiday hunt among

many fabulous and creative designers.

The hunt offers gifts for both male and female set to $0Linden.



There is also a note card at the hunt start to guide you through.

You can find the list here:


Start the hunt at Grumble:


You will find my “Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Unisex Set” at my

BamPu Legacies Shop at Shine Creations Mall here:


Happy Hunting ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ Happy Holidays!

I wanted to add a link where my Turkey Dusk Headdress (for the hunt) was blogged!



Happy Holidays Koala Bear. copy

Pritzy Halloween Pumpkins ~ Oh My!

Pritzy Halloween Pumpkins ~ Oh My!

☠ B!BH2 Hunt 2013 ☠

I have always enjoyed participating as a Hunter and Designer and even Blogger


This year is grand!  The Designer List is fab!

I wanted to create something – yes very Halloweeenish and yet cute for this hunt!

My little….uhhhhmmmm…well HUGE Pritzy Pumpkins

are perfect to set out for any Halloween decorating or Event!

They are quite “pritzy” and fashionable! 

Looks like they love to hunt, too!

They are adorned with a glitzy handbag and fun Halloween Shoes!


BamPu Legacies @ TWO MOON PARADISE (Wharf Shopping Area)

Note: Two Moon Paradise holds daily events. You will land either at the event or the Main entry.

There are round floor teleporters to TP you to THE WHARF SHOPS.

You will land right in front of BamPu Legacies Shop!

☠  ☠  ☠

Ohh piece of candy…ohh piece of candy…that BOO!

That Bunny is a Jokester!

Dressed as a ghost, yelling BOO! at everyone, stealing their candy and

running away-little does he know he’s left us a trail of shiny wrapped

yummies to help hunt him down.


The Boo! Bunny is a fun Halloween hunt -Follow the trail of candy and you’ll be

led to the Dark Forest where the boo! Bunny has stashed all the goodies he’s

picked up along the way.

Gifts from 20 sponsors await you!


Don’t delay, the Bunny is running amuck, scaring everyone and most of all stealing

the Halloween Treats! Hunt him down and stop him before the candy is gone!


October 15th-31st, 2013



HINTS and HUNT GIFTS are located on the blog-use the # which is the direct URL to the location.

Each candy will have the next LM inside, however if you get stuck please use the blog

which we update immediately with any changes.


You must finish the hunt to get the clues to the Boo! Bunny’s hidden forest!

bc~Happy Hunting Pumpkin Logo. copy

Blazing Bedroom ~ Yeah Bleeping Bunny Hunt!

Blazing Bedroom ~ Yeah Bleeping Bunny Hunt!

While thrilling as it is to “hunt”,

what’s even more thrilling is when you set out your prizes

and find how perfect they are for your decorating desires!

My palace takes up 1/4 of a full sim so you can imagine

how much room I have to enhance every little stretch!

I like to garnish each area with various themes and,

of course, highlight the spectacular and unusual!

When I first joined Second Life, Lok’s Furniture was one of my first

decorating shops to buy from as they create such an array of

LOW PRIM quality merchandise!

Imagine my tingle when I won Lok’s DELILAH BEDROOM SET

and how nicely it coordinated with Naughty Naughty’s AUTUMN HOME SET

from the Bleeping Bunny Hunt!

Safari clothing are among my fav’s to prance around in, so I quickly

dressed to match with Naughty Naughty’s Safari Mini Dress,

also won from the hunt!

I did a long search for the right pose to show off the dress’s side view

detailing the open skin for a flirtatious eye candy glimpse!

So, LW-C’s Poisonous Female pose was my choice!

Check out more details of the BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT here:


I might have cursed a little bit during the hunt to find those

*&^bleeping^&* prizes, but I’m proud to say I washed my mouth out

with soap once I set all these goodies!

*insert snicker here*

Soooooooooooo, what cha waiting for?

Get yourself to the hunt before it’s over!

August 1-15, 2013!

hUgZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Who's That Girl?

Who’s That Girl?

Who’s That Girl?

That song just keeps going over and over in my head when I look at this pic!

I don’t think I am going to take this outfit off that I snatched up at the

Bleeping Bunny Hunt this morning!

The jacket is precious, but that skirt?

Whheewwwee! Awesome flirtatious fit!


Vero Modero really showed some sexy style in creating this ensemble!

It reads “CLASSY VOGUE” all over again!

This Vanity Hair (purchased at the Hair Fair 2013)

will probably be part of my weekly wardrobe, too!

Sooooooooooooo stylish!

I am posing with one of my fav’s from Sinfully Poses

(Isolated #23 ~ a gift from her while I was clicking and posing away at her shop)!

Can’t wait to rez some of my other goodies from the hunt!

What does your wardrobe look like after hunting all day?

hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Bleeping Patio!

Bleeping Patio!

Why Bleeping?  Take a close look!

Love, Love, Love this Firefly Walkway Trestle

by YanNStuff earned at the new Bleeping Bunny Hunt today!

I only had a little time today to hunt, but also managed to play

some GACHA’s while there!

The BLBH goes through August 15th so hurry down since there are more than you can imagine

of amazing and wonderfully created wins to pick up!


BBH – Yay And Stuff – Firefly Walkway Trestle with Ivy

*FT* Summer Sun Garden Bench 19prims by Finishing Touches

 *FT* Summer Sun Wall Plaque GACHA ~Pink

 *FT* Summer Sun Wall Plaque GACHA ~ Teal

 *FT* Summer Sun Plaques on Stands

*FT* Summer Sun Garden Table w/ Runner

 Autumn Home Set (flowers in vase) by Naughty Naughty


 WCI Bleeping Bunny Necklace by West Coast Influenced

Cute little relaxed bunny on this necklace! Fun!

Bleeping Bunny Grid-Wide Hunt ~ August 1-15 2013

Bleeping Bunny Grid-Wide Hunt ~ August 1-15 2013


Hope to see you there! I have lots more hunting to do!

hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

(more pix to come!!) 🙂

Red Tag Sales July Event Tank Top

Red Tag Sales is having yet another GREAT SALE!

Summer Shopping Spree Cart Sale July 1-15 2013

And did I have fun with all the sale items??? UhhhHuh!

Just fell totally in love with this off-shoulder “Kiss Me” mesh T!

RTSE- Summer Shopping Spree poster

Beat the summer heat and join in for some summer fun…

….it’s called SHOPPING!

All items are under $100L.

Grumble has 2 carts & Eversong has 1 cart of items at this sale.

(Note: Not available at Grumble’s sim)

Your taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Handek/79/25/24

Red Tag Sales July Event Home Items

So, I landed first at Grumble then flew to HANDEK sim for the cart sale!

I sorta bounced back and forth because Grumble still has Evil Bunny Hunt items spread around!

I couldn’t resist!  *teehee*

The Red Tag Cart sale also has a mini hunt, too, where items are $0-15L

Taking the time to relax at my back yard cottage veranda, I decided to do a little re-vamp and add some of the furnishings to spruce it up a bit!

The Grumble Beach House Shelf and their Faded Beach Planter worked in perfectly giving it that beachy-flair.

Love the details in the starfish!

Red Tag Sales July Event Accessories

After decorating anew, it was time for some KID FUN!

Snatched up my new skateboard and dolled up in these fun “Cute Band-Aid Cheek and Headband” to go out and play.

(Some of these items are hunt items at Grumble, purchases at Eversong and others are at the Red Tag Sale Event ~ You’ll have to go find all these for yourself! 🙂

Take a peek at the list of vendors at the sale here:


Here is a list of the items.

*Are the items at either Grumble or the Red Tag Cart Sale:

Cottage Pose: Exposeur April Showers ~ Vintage 1

Water Pose: elephante Hope #5

*Grumble-Beach House Shelf

* GG Skateboard by HS MetalWorks Ltd

* Eversong- Peacock Centerpiece-Spring Colors Hunt

* GG Faded Beach Planter 2 9prims

* Grumble Off-shoulder “Kiss Me” Crop Top AND Bracelet

* Eversong Birdcage $45L

 * GG Flower String Light Set 6p

Dancing Cow by Blain Candour from SL10B!  (I found the cows!)

* EBH – Yay And Stuff  Shoulder Pet ~ I just can’t take him off!

* GG Pearl Wrap Love Necklace White (The word LOVE is nicely dangling as a pendant)

* GG Ruffle Crop Top Blue (with pink) byViviane Hobble

 * GG Gold Hoop Earring /w Seahorses by Night Mavendorf

 * GG – Cute Band-Aid Cheek and * Wacky Wednesday Star Boppers Hedband byxxCHADDxx

* Grumble Pink Sundress (love how it flows!)

Rag Dollz Classic Capri Pink Jeans

Hope to see you there!  I sure had fun!

hUgZzZzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Hunting, Shopping & 4th Of July At Grumble ~ 2013

Hunting, Shopping & 4th Of July At Grumble ~ 2013

My day was packed in Second Life…well wait…my WHOLE WEEK was packed in SecondLife!  Wheeew!

I have a “Bunny-Do-List”!

 After I set out my new 7-item GACHA to sell at the sim where

“A Bed In The Wheatfield” Fair will be held (information will be posted tomorrow),

I hopped on over to GRUMBLE to hunt, shop and celebrate 4th Of July!

I raced back home to change into a couple of items that I found…..



Well I just had to rez something! *winks*

If you look real close, I first landed wearing the cute little “Boppers Band-Aid” that I had forgot to take off after trying on my gifts,

but decided to wear it for the pic! *winks again cuz it’s soooooo cute*!

I’ll take a close up of it tomorrow to post here as well as the precious Eversong white pearl necklace so you can see the gorgeous “LOVE” PENDANT dangling from it.

Fireworks At Grumble

Fireworks At Grumble

The fireworks were fantastic!  The sim was packed with shoppers, ogglers, hunters and friends chatting.

This is one of my favorite sims to visit as Allie Munro always has something interesting and unique going on…..yes…


I wondered around and found a room behind Eversong’s main entry and just took a deep breath in as I admired the most lucious yummy eye-candy wedding and celebration cakes.

(I was hunting, toooooo!)

Wedding Cakes at Grumble ~ Eversong ~ Allie Monro

Wedding Cakes at Grumble ~ Eversong ~ by Allie Monro


There is a RED TAG SALES EVENT going on now through July 15th.

Presented by Alissa Serenity along with GRUMBLE.

RTSE- Summer Shopping Spree poster

Summer Shopping Spree Cart Sale July 1-15

Beat the summer heat and join in for some summer fun…SHOPPING!!

They have some amazing shops in this Summer Shopping Spree Cart Sale; each one has a special hot summer item for sale and much more.

This will also include a fun MINI HUNT (hunt items 0-15L).

Check here for a sneak peek at the wonderful vendors:



Eversong bw LogoI plan to show you a lot more in reference to the hunt and gifts after I finish hunting and a little more shopping.

Make sure you visit the sim so you can pick up a lot of goodies, check out the MM Boards and enjoy the shopping and ambience!

This is one gorgeous shopping sim!

Don’t forget to visit EVERSONG and you have to check out her cakes!  (Find that cake room! 🙂

You can read all about their events and hunts here:  http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/

Until tomorrow my friends….

mUaHzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque

Oh………….the hair??? It’s by EMO-tions, of course! “Anita”

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