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"Roars Of The Night" by Bambi Chicque

“Roars Of The Night” by Bambi Chicque


I decided to do male and female hunt items for

Allhallows Showcase Festival; which will run through

October 31, 2015!

Meet Vesper!

Vesper Outfit ~ Allhallows Hunt Gift!

The hunt gift includes the mesh pants, a bat tattoo for the chest,

a resizable bat mask and cloak!

Happy Hunting!

I love this skin by JOMO and couldn’t wait to blog it!

Gotta have Vesper wear it again!


STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Vesper Outfit & Bat Tattoo ~ BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP !~ Allhallows Showcase Festival

Thor Realistic Goth Hair & HUD ~

    (Underscore on Marketplace) Designer Syndel Daviau of Asset Hair

Warrior #7 Pose & Sword ~ AXIX Poses

Halloween Skin ~ JOMO


"Allhallows Blue Moon" by Bambi Chicque

“Allhallows Blue Moon” by Bambi Chicque

Allhallows Showcase Festival creeped up just on time

to get everyone in the mood for Halloween!

Each Designer was asked to showcase their favorite items and provide a hunt gift!

(Look for the cute pumpkin in each booth!)

Twelve Designers were selected for the event (including me!)

and it will run through October 31, 2015!!

Grab your broom and fly to the event!


Solas asked if I would help by designing the booths

for the event and I went NUTS to say the least.

At first she wanted me to create some shabby creepy style house-booths for a more

haunted appeal; so I did just that.  But in my mind I was already swooshing

around “colors” and texture mixes and whimsical and….

well you have to come see for yourself!!!

So, once I set out the booths for her approval, along with the trees and other décor

in each set, I told her I was also creating a 2nd set in a more Halloween brightness…….

So, yep, she wanted those too!!


Let’s talk about the festival layout and design!

As you enter the gates to Allhallows you will see the arrangement

easy to follow in a circle and up a couple of hills.

This will be an event where you are not overwhelmed with too many scripts

and too much going on so bad that you freeze up!

As we were making plans for the formation and items,

I suggested that I could create a unique checkered path and ground texture for her…

so off to photoshop I went where I composed a couple of leafy-pebbled-checkered

ground patterns.  She flipped with joy and I sent them to her right away!

Solas selected one of Boudoir’s amazing Haunted Houses full of grim and delight

that will keep everyone entertained all in itself!

I set out quite a few of my decorations that coordinate with the 6 color palettes

of the booths while she set the music, ghost and wolf hallows!


The photo above is one of my creations that I set up for an advertisement.

I’ll be hopping in to take some pix of the festival itself…..

so stay tuned for more to come!

Somehow all of this finally came together for us while we both had real life tidbits

taking up our personal time – but once you come to shop, hunt and ooooogle over

the event you’ll never know what all went on behind closed creaking doors!

And to top it off, we made the Destination Guide for Featured Events!


Ahhhhh~ the things that go bump in the night!


STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.


Allhallows Stall House Blue & Décor ~ BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP ! ~ Allhallows Showcase Festival

This set includes the stall house, blue cows & bulls, jack full moon,

jack moon with the cows “jumping over the moon”, blue-ish field grass,

spider vine tree, a damask tree stand alone, a damask tree in a pot and

2 other potted goodies!

Two of the sets will include trees along with various décor to coordinate with the house.

The other 3 sets each come with a variation of décor items suitable for the stall house

as well as decorating for yourself without the houses!


Have fun shopping!! More photos coming sooooon!


Creators in Showcase are:

Angel Fae Boutique / Sorrell & Rose

BamPu Legacies / Bambi Chicque

BlueMoon enterprise / Solas NaGealai

Chimeric Arts & Fashion Shop / Punkerella Summers


Folklorica / Folklorica

Lilith’s Den / Runa

Old World Designs / Haratio Clawtooth

~*Sweet Revolutions*~ / Gwen Von Aurora

*Souzou Eien* / Draconias Timeless

United Inshcon / Eldowyn Inshan

Velvet Whip / Madmacit


GACHA ADDICTION "Castaway Festival" Castaway Hanging Tents by BamPu Legacies!

GACHA ADDICTION “Castaway Festival” Castaway Hanging Tents by BamPu Legacies!

You won’t want to miss this fun GACHA “Castaway Festival”!

I have already played all the GACHA games from the wonderful various creators

and will be posting my gorgeous “castaway stuff” here soon…..

In the mean time….Come on over and play my GACHA

to win any of these fabulous “Castaway Hanging Tents”!!

There is one RARE ~ The “Chocolate”!

Each play is $75 linden.

10 prims for each hanging tent.

It also includes this fun COUPLE’S POSE!

Tent Temptation!  GACHA AUGUST 2013 "Castaway Pirate" Hanging Tent by BamPu Legacies!

Tent Temptation! GACHA AUGUST 2013 “Castaway Pirate” Hanging Tent by BamPu Legacies!

I already had requests for my CASTAWAY PIRATE HANGING TENT,

so make sure you come play the GACHA game at the event to snatch them up for such a great price!

(After the festival is over as I will be adding these items

to my BamPu Legacies Shop.

The sale items will be set to COPY OK.)

You can either play my GACHA at my BamPu Legacies Shop at Two Moon Paradise



Come join the full festival fun at the main GACHA EVENT



Gacha Castaway Festiva Aug4-25


Horizon wide and sea so blue,
the nightmare it becomes so true.
A nightmare or maybe a boon?
We all need relaxation soon.
So instead of complaining this mad situation,
put on pink glasses and have a vacation.
CASTAWAY Gacha runs from August 4 – 25th 2013
Pass by, have fun and become addicted.

Hope to see you there!

hUGzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

GACHA ~ Vintage Beach Mirth

GACHA ~ Vintage Beach Mirth


Don’t miss this fun festival with all the bounty you can possibly win from some fabulous creators!

~ The festival will run July 7 thru July 28 2013 ~

Ginger ~ Vintage Beach Mirth by Bambi Chicque

Ginger ~ Vintage Beach Mirth by Bambi Chicque

I spent a lot of time preparing these adorable retro vintage fabrics for these fun sets.

Each play is $75L for a chance to win the 7 assortments.

They are TRANSFER ONLY so you can pass your doubles along to your delighted friends!

R U Looking At My Beach Balls? ~ Cactus Cassidy

R U Looking At My Beach Balls? ~ Cactus Cassidy

The vintage style mesh swimsuits are adorable!

They have shorts built in, so no need for undies!

They come in 5 standard sizes with the alpha layer.

Pony Coral ~ Girls Night Out

Pony Coral ~ Girls Night Out

Each set includes a gorgeous mesh BOW for the side of the swimsuit.

The NECKERCHIEF is perfect for this erra and has a resizer script.

Buckaroo Gal ~ Six Gun Sally

Buckaroo Gal ~ Six Gun Sally

Each set also includes a daunting BEACH TENT coordinating in textures.

6 prims only!

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Everyone loves swimming with their friends in Second Life and

wants to show off their cute little avi pixels with the newest and hottest styles!

I will also have the GACHA GAME at my BamPu Legacies shop

at Two Moon Paradise for the month of July 2013.

After that they will go on sale for regular pricing.

(I plan to add a variety of beach items to these sets by the end of July!)

Here is your taxi to BamPu Legacies Shop:


A Bed In The Wheatfield ~ July 7-28 2013 ~ GACHA FESTIVAL

A Bed In The Wheatfield ~ July 7-28 2013 ~ GACHA FESTIVAL


Presented by Alyssalillian McMinnar and DelaRosa Glimmer

Join us at the FESTIVAL and play for your chance to win all these sets!

Hope to see you there!

I already have my eye on several GACHA’s I want to play and win.

Here is you LIMO to the festival:


hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Come on down and get your groove on and join in the Good Vibrations:


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