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Let’s get summer perky! I created 3 cute and sweeet sunny seasonal outfit sets for Happy Event. The fit is gorgeous and sizzling. They come in the usual main variety fit for mesh bodies; such as Maitreya, etc…

Happy Event

June 14 to June 28, 2011

Here is the landing point for my BamPu Legacies booth HERE!

After the event they will be available at my BamPu Legacies Shop HERE!

Happy Shopping!

Bambi Chicque

I created a lush living room set, perfect for your beach house and to fill a room with nautical decor!

As you know, I am also a Blogger and most of the time I am setting up my own backdrops to create my ads with. I do save them and below is one that I made and decided to set it up for sale!

The pricing on everything in this collection is very affordable; compared to other full sets. In fact, you should take advantage of the “Anchors Away Living Room Set FatPack”!

One of my known specialties is texturing. I’ve been complimented plenty of times as far back to my early days in creating tattoos, clothing and very intricate headdresses, etc….designing since 2012! I was dubbed “The Texture Queen” and now that materials has been introduced to Second Life, I make my decisions on particular items or garments that need that extra oomph in normal maps, specular maps and lighting.

I also take the extra time to add a little shine or shading in Photoshop when I wiggle my way with the maps. I do have two secrets to a starting point and a final step once the texture map is done before I make that finished arrangement. Once in a while someone will ask me how I did that…and I just don’t share my mystery!

So! This set is going to delight you once you rez it and organize a beachy living room or patio! The materials are superb on the items and I kept changing my EEP/Windlight while designing to ensure they look awesome!


Available at BamPu Legacies Shop

(Past Happy Event Exclusive)

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