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"Hour Of The Dove" by Bambi Chicque

“Hour Of The Dove” by Bambi Chicque

Luxurious and elegant whispered softly through my thoughts as I selected both designs

by Spyralle for my review today!

Thank goodness the vibrant court life of the 16th and 17th centuries

with its focus on art, literature and music remains in style forever.

You can purchase this elaborate “Bravado Hat” in orchid at the current

Art In Hats 2015

and fly over to

Fair Play

to invest in this classic “Inkke” Gown in Dove

which has a gorgeous cape attached!

The colors coordinate perfectly!


Finally, I am showing off a closer look at LoveMe Skins precious “Willow” Skin!

The softness of her sugar skin harmonizes with my wardrobe selection

while gaining focus to her lush lips!


This weekend will be the last chance to visit Art In Hats 2015

where you will find all of the extravagant hats and artwork

in one place

before Emma removes everything on Monday.


The items are priced quite well and affordable for all to make their way

back home and enjoy embellishing any gown or fashion dress

for years to come!

Don’t forget to select a few amazing photos to hang on your walls!

And remember how important this event is since part

of the monies are being raised for

Team Diabetes in SL!

☆═━┈┈━═☆.♡.☆═ STYLE CARD ═☆.♡.☆═━┈┈━═☆

Bravado Hat in Orchid ~ Spyralle ~ Art In Hats 2015

Inkke Dress DOVE Exclusive ~ Spyralle ~ Fair Play 

Willow Sugar Skin, Lipstick 04 ~ LoveMe Skins

Asami Hair ~ D!va Hair

Lady of Hoare 1 Pose ~ Imaginarium Poses (by PewPew Zero)

{{ Bravo, PewPew! }}


GACHA ADDICTION "Castaway Festival" Castaway Hanging Tents by BamPu Legacies!

GACHA ADDICTION “Castaway Festival” Castaway Hanging Tents by BamPu Legacies!

You won’t want to miss this fun GACHA “Castaway Festival”!

I have already played all the GACHA games from the wonderful various creators

and will be posting my gorgeous “castaway stuff” here soon…..

In the mean time….Come on over and play my GACHA

to win any of these fabulous “Castaway Hanging Tents”!!

There is one RARE ~ The “Chocolate”!

Each play is $75 linden.

10 prims for each hanging tent.

It also includes this fun COUPLE’S POSE!

Tent Temptation!  GACHA AUGUST 2013 "Castaway Pirate" Hanging Tent by BamPu Legacies!

Tent Temptation! GACHA AUGUST 2013 “Castaway Pirate” Hanging Tent by BamPu Legacies!

I already had requests for my CASTAWAY PIRATE HANGING TENT,

so make sure you come play the GACHA game at the event to snatch them up for such a great price!

(After the festival is over as I will be adding these items

to my BamPu Legacies Shop.

The sale items will be set to COPY OK.)

You can either play my GACHA at my BamPu Legacies Shop at Two Moon Paradise



Come join the full festival fun at the main GACHA EVENT



Gacha Castaway Festiva Aug4-25


Horizon wide and sea so blue,
the nightmare it becomes so true.
A nightmare or maybe a boon?
We all need relaxation soon.
So instead of complaining this mad situation,
put on pink glasses and have a vacation.
CASTAWAY Gacha runs from August 4 – 25th 2013
Pass by, have fun and become addicted.

Hope to see you there!

hUGzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

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