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"Above Mirror Below" by Bambi Chicque

“Above Mirror Below” by Bambi Chicque

Fantasy Faire charms our spirits for a week at a time year after year.  It reminds me of

The Smithsonian Institute because you just can’t really ever see it all.

Thanks goodness for all the photographers, writers, bloggers and shoppers who

present their photographs not only for the week, but all year long and ever after.

My favorite first stop has always been Fairelands Junction where I melt over

the presentation teleporters which display a glimpse of what you will find behind the door.

Fairlands Junction is where you whisper…..”decisions, decisions, decisions”!

Of course, there’s plenty more there….more to come….

My photo shows you the “Sapphire Mirror Lake” teleporter display where this

is indeed a small glimpse of the adventure you are about to bestow upon

your pixel self and your real eyes and mind.

Haveit Neox blows me away with his imagination and installments!

I had been eager to daunt myself with AiShA’s leaves and bark with her supberb

Dryad gown and accessories.  I don’t always pose at Fantasy Faire

(but yes, I do a lot) – because I just fall in love with the amazing scenery and builds,

but this trip I had to jump in the photo!  I was photobombed about 4 times,

so it took me a while to get it perfect.  Not to mention:

(male): what u doing

(male): i from scotland plzed to meet u

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): nice to meet u, i am from texas

(male): nice ty

(male): what u like doing in sl

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): i am a designer and blogger

(male): ok

(male): ur a beautiful looking lady

(male): what u doing



(male 2): hello

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): 🙂

(male 2): congratulations on your acjievement

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): umm which one?? lol

(male 2): wany of it.  impressive

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): ty

(male 2): u r beautiful



(male 3): hello bambi

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): 🙂

(male 3): may I take a picture of u?

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): 🙂

(male 3): thank u, I like to make pictures for my screensaver

Bambi Chicque (bambichicque): 🙂


I changed the names to protect the innocent!


Now back to my review.

Need I even mention how dreamy Fallen God’s new Oceanica xx Gold Skin is?

Alia is such a master at skins in SL, I can’t even imagine how much time

he spends perfecting and blending his masterpieces!

And if you haven’t picked up The Stringer Mausoleum’s “Dryad Eyes, you must hurry

to grab them at Fantasy Faire, but they will be available in her shop afterwards.

These are perfect for any elven, fantasy, mermaid wardrobe!

Gotta run…..I took a zillion pix and need to select more to post!

xoxo Bambi

☆═━┈┈━═☆.♡.☆═ STYLE CARD ═☆.♡☆═━┈┈━═☆

SCENE by Haveit Neox ~ Fantasy Faire 2016 (Sapphire Mirror Lake Sim Builder)

Oceanica xx Gold Skin, Hair, Headpiece ~ Fallen Gods ~ Fantasy Faire 2016 ~ MFGC!

Dryad Dress, Mask, Ivy Bracelets & Collar ~ .AiShA. ~ Fantasy Faire 2016

Dryad Eyes Marwhorl Vine ~ The Stringer Mausoleum ~ Fantasy Faire 2016WLTB ❣

Look At My Shoes Pose (coming soon) ~ Razmataz Poses



"Call For Harmony" by Bambi Chicque

“Call For Harmony” by Bambi Chicque

I thought it was a good time to do a bit of a recap of Fantasy Faire 2015

since it is now going away forever;

leaving us but a trail of memories through our inventories and photos.

While still complexed, along with Firestorm Mods, why I am having log in issues

that totally detain me from going in-world and doing what I love best at much ease,

I was instructed to do a manual cleaning of my cache before logging in……

until we can figure out what is up!

So I was lucky to be able to visit almost every single sim in one day, Monday!


Once I got to Poseidon’s Abyss, I couldn’t leave!

I stayed and stayed because every time I turned around there was something

new and astonishing

to breathe in and take photos of!  Not to mention the Fairy Wings I picked up while there,

designed by Elizabeth Tinsley, our Captain of our fantasy ship

~ Coordinator for the annual Fantasy Faire!

I’ll be strutting and posing with these probably by tomorrow!

Oh….and….Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

"Poseidon Synthesized" by Bambi Chicque

“Poseidon Synthesized” by Bambi Chicque

So back to Poseidon’s Abyss.

Poseidon, in Greek Mythology, is one of the 12 Olympian Deities of Pantheon.

I fell in love with Mythology around my 3rd grade year of school where I was fortunate enough

to have a Teacher who turned me on to literature and is forever in my heart for doing so.

Therefore you can imagine why my lengthy stay at Haveit Neox’s

elaborate build kept my attention.

Haveit Neox is one of my Second Life heroes!  I follow his website and do my best to visit

his grand installments as soon as they are announced.

His depiction of the Greek buildings and temples, his eye for texturing, his creative mind

with his whimsical animal world of the sea and sky and his perception of Poseidon

with all his majestic waves surrounding all the ships had me mesmerized.

"Discovered Depths" by Bambi Chicque

“Discovered Depths” by Bambi Chicque

Fare-thee-well Poseidon’s Abyss….

I believe this was one of my most enjoyable visits ever in

Second Life at Fantasy Faire 2015!

Fantasy Faire 2015 Main Logo

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