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"Faelynn’s Nebula Kingdom" by Bambi Chicque

“Faelynn’s Nebula Kingdom” by Bambi Chicque

Everything is possible in Fairy Tale Land!

We chirp with birds, swim with dolphins, fly above the clouds and

live in castles of the skies!  All our dreams come true when we are Fairies!

I love preparing fantasy virtual photography and made this background myself!

Hope you likey! 🙂


I was chatting with Auryn Beorn, Black Tulip Poses, several weeks back

and I suggested a pose that I have been in search of forever…..

and she made it!!!

It’s perfect! And especially the orb I needed!

I have a purpose for this pose for a personal project, but

wanted to quickly show it off to you with my “Faelynn’s Nebula Kingdom” photo.

Thank you so much, Auryn!!!

You can read her story about her idea of this wonderful pose, too!

Black Tulip Poses will be displaying her fantastic poses at the upcoming

The Countdown Room ~ May 2015!

I received wonderful review packs from many

Fantasy Faire 2015 Designers, and I promised to continue

to photograph and present these to you……

More to come!


STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.


Light In The Dark Pose & Orb ~ Black Tulip ~ NEW! The Countdown Room

Lady Of The Glade Gown ~ JunBug

Newreem Hair & Tweeter Birds ~ Ohmai Salon

Lil Leaves Necklace & HUD ~ ThatChick ~ (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Simplicity Lesser Circlet & HUD ~ ThatChick(Fantasy Faire 2015)

Morella Teal Eyes ~ Avatar Bizarre(Fantasy Faire 2015)

Oceanica Atlantic Ivory Skin ~ Fallen Gods(Fantasy Faire 2015)

"Dance Of Endowment" by Bambi Chicque

“Dance Of Endowment” by Bambi Chicque

Do not envy the gifts of others.

Make the most of your own.

Written by Unknown Teacher….

There are countless talents and gifted individuals in Second Life;

all the way from our musicians, DJ’s, dancers, pose makers,

film developers, sim creators, clothing….decor…homes…textures…

magazines…photographers…bloggers…event coordinators…the list goes on and on and on!

I believe we all found our way here for a purpose and we spend

bountiful hours expanding our horizons in our own way.

I have watched many designers climb the ladder of success and am

honored with the “Thank You’s” I receive for helping to promote their crafts.

I hope each and everyone of you find your dream-come-true with what you

love to do in Second Life.  I know I have!

So, I’d just like to say Thank You to all who have touched me in your

own special way, too!

Below is a perfect example of PERFECTION!

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Vintage Holiday Baubles Precious Metals GACHA- ~*Souzou Eien*~

Snow Dancer #4 Pose ~ Black Tulip Poses

Asami  Hair ~ D!va

Freesia Gown WILD RARE GACHA ~ Junbug

Princess Fantasy Crown GACHA~ Junbug

MANGO Necklace, Earring & Ring ~ Finesmith Jewelry

Twiggy Skin with Freckles & Slink Appliers ~ AKERUKA

Majestic Peacock Wings ~ SNEAK PEAK by BamPu Legacies

I am working on male and female sets for The Medieval Fantasy Hunt MFHVIII

(March 1st start)

and not quite complete yet, but I am hoping to include feathered wings.

BamPu Legacies Main Palace Shop!



"From Unicorns To Pandora" by Bambi Chicque

“From Unicorns To Pandora” by Bambi Chicque

We all grow up loving unicorns; but do we ever grow up?

I believe we are all quite young at heart no matter our age and it

seems everyone has an affinity for the sweetness of the unicorn world!

I dashed back home to change into something fitting for this photo…


I was invited to join the Pandora Box of Dreams new sim that just opened

to the public about a week ago!  Beautiful and perfect for photographers!

This scene is found just as you enter…..

…..I hope to see you there, too!

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.


Claire Sunglow Skin & Appliers ~ The Skin You’re InWLTB ❣

Square Ruby Neck, Earring & Ring  ~ Hudson’s Clothing CompanyWLTB ❣

Yunie Hair ~ D!va

Eternity Wings Aphrodislac ~ Remarkable Oblivion

Magical Unicorn Tail ~ Half Deer

Betty’s Boudoir Blush Brocade Cami ~ Junbug

Baby Winged Pink Unicorn (Animates & Sparkles) & Color HUD ~ MishMish

Majestic Unicorn Mask ~ Noodles

Unicorn Pastel Heels & HUD ~ Pixicat

Heavenly Creatures #10 Pose ~ Ma Vie Poses


LOCATION:  Pandora Box Of Dreams


Fiona Treebed Red Draped PG ~ Trompe Loeil

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