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"Diva Opera For Wicca" by Bambi Chicque

“Diva Opera For Wicca” by Bambi Chicque

I’ve been swimming in my chair to show off “Xantia” by Wicca’s Wardrobe available

at The Fantasy Collective UNDER THE SEA Event!  As soon as I laid eyes on it,

a reminder of The 5th Element “Diva Dance” scene came to mind!

An aria from the mad scene, “Il dolce suono”

(from the 3rd Act of the Opera Lucia di Lammermoor),

was re-popularized when it was featured in the Luc Besson film

performed by the alien diva Plavalaguna!

 While this gorgeous sea-bound gown and elements are not quite “alien”,

I couldn’t resist setting up stage as if to mimic the movie’s performance

within a similar unusual feel!

One must rush to grab Razmataz’s SING POSE Set!  She sent these to me

last year and I prefer to use these when playing and singing on stage!

The new “Tesia” skin by Dulce Secrets is exquisite and perfect in every way!

She has all the APPLIERS available for everything she creates.



STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Tesia Blanc Skin X-Light & Appliers ~ Dulce SecretsWLTB ❣

Xantia Headpiece, Fins, Lashes & Gown ~ Wicca’s Wardrobe ~ TFC

Singing vspose1b ~ Razmataz Poses (*winks at Melonie*)

Chikami Spirit (wear me) ~ aii

Gold Carved Grand Piano ~ Joyus Sohl

Sunken Atlantis Theater ~ Da Vinci Gardens

Pacifica Turquoise Underwater Plants ~ La Movida Submarine/Aquatics

Vintage Microphone ~ floorplan

Graceful Intuition Blu Necklace & Earrings ~ Chop Zuey

Morpho Godarti MakeUp ~ MAD

WLTB LoveBambi Logo

"In The Beginning There Was Poetry" by Bambi Chicque

“In The Beginning There Was Poetry” by Bambi Chicque

In The Beginning There Was Poetry

Images and metaphors are primary speech, conveyors of truth

— durable yet pliable, precise yet ever expansive in the vision of the world

(and ourselves) they set before us.

Ultimately, every picture tells a story!

"Take Me To The River" by Bambi Chicque

“Take Me To The River” by Bambi Chicque

Today is the last day to enjoy SL11B and I wanted to quickly share a great

relaxing and posing exhibit that you might want to “jump in and breathe in”

before midnight tonight!  I took these photos right at the beginning of my

exploration on Enchant and fell in love with Marco Antonio Diego Rhapsody’s

design and build!  Make sure to visit MAD Garden of Eden! which was designed

to be a tranquil social hangout!

Great job, Marco!

Bambi SL11B LOGO 512x512.jpg.



"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Bambi Chicque

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Bambi Chicque

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

My dear friend, Chigs, Creator of Le Chiggery,


the other day while we were both setting up for the

“Saint Patrick’s Mardi Gras MARKET” Sale.  

It inspired me to playfully click through my

never-ending-story-of- an-emptyless-inventory

to do a little posey-wosey!

(I know, I know, those are not real words, but they sound FUN!)

*LightBulb Idea For PHOTO!

✔ Checklist…………..

I had just come back from the CHAPTER FOUR GACHA February Event

with some sweeties (see list below), I remembered a fun teal outfit I found

on marketplace “Soul Mesh Mini Skirt & Boots” including LOLA’S,

slicked on Mad’s Kiss Me Aqua lipstick, used the Color HUD for

Ploom’s “Gigi” Hair, added a couple more of Chig’s cupcakes to hold

(well ~ I tossed one off to the side for the bunny to snack on!)

and ran to my PLAY-PATIO for a little girl fun!

✌ ✌ ✌

If you would like to see all the SWEEEEEEEEEET and FUN FOOD ITEMS

created by Le Chiggery, along with pictures and information for anyone who is

interested in placing a CUSTOM CAKE ORDER…..

Hop on your flying saucer and TP here:

(Le Chiggery *~The Night Theater~*)


His shop is quite delightful!

~ Click this link to TP to the Market: ~



*ionic* Conejito ~Bunny Rabbits In Chair

*ionic* Cat-Motion TV

*ionic* Northern Star

Chapter Four GACHA February Event:


Hope you enjoy the pic!

❤ hugZzZzzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of ™BamPu Legacies ❤

And for to further your enjoyment,

here’s the original video by Cyndi Lauper

“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

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