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"Before The Vanish" by Bambi Chicque

“Before The Vanish” by Bambi Chicque

Once I wrapped up my “Rock Of Ages” post featuring several of

The Arena Designers, I just couldn’t stop snapping pix!

Absolutely love LoveMe’s newest Exclusive DAWN Skin!!

Sometimes you have to zoom in and capture the perfection of

facial features on skins ~and~

smaller accessories; such as CerberusXing’s Blade Septum with

a cool arrow design ~and~ ARISE’s Facepaint dripping perfectly

along with their Gota Horns Piercing for the nose bridge!

I think this photo reminds me of the recent Pompeii movie where

the eruption of Mount Vesuvius rains lava and ash down on the city;

wondering what it looked like from a distance!

….Hence….”Before The Vanish”!

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.


Gota Horns Piercing & Facepaint ~  ARISEThe Arena

Blade Septum (Silver) ~ CerberusXingThe Arena

Dawn 01 Tan Skin Exclusive ~  LoveMe Skins ~ Makeover Room

Flaming Sun Eyes ~ Redgrave

Kacy 1 Hair ~ Tukinowaguma

"Rock Of Ages" by Bambi Chicque

“Rock Of Ages” by Bambi Chicque

And she rode into the sunset

Nearing the moonlight

Toward the morning

Searching for dawn;

It’s an endless cycle

History of pages

Every breath

A new spawn

Gathering every stone

Rock of ages

Time has sure flown.

by Bambi Chicque


The Arena opened April 5th for the fantasy men of SL!

This will be an ongoing quarterly event that you won’t want to miss…

Gacha’s, exclusives, men stuff, gifts & more designed for our

fantasy-loving men…..but I just had to try on SWaGGa’s Wildboy Makeshift

Outfit and fell in love!!  Yes, it’s a bit big on me, but it really looks striking

and sexy on!

The design is superb in detail and texture!

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Wildboy Makeshift Bag (Backpack) & Survivor Pants with Boots ~ SWaGGa ~ The Arena

Gota Horns Piercing & Facepaint ~ ARISEThe Arena

Blade Septum (Silver) ~ CerberusXingThe Arena

Dawn 01 Tan Skin Exclusive ~ LoveMe Skins ~ Makeover Room

Kacy 1 Hair ~ Tukinowaguma

Flaming Sun Eyes ~ Redgrave

Dark Fairy #20 Pose ~ Black Tulip Poses

Cobblestone Wall Kit Set Mesh  ~ StormWood

Mystic & Dark Spirits ~ Kalopsia

Great Horned Owls Tundra (Grey) Mesh ~ Half Deer

Big Ass Fancy Vases ~ Kalopsia

Phantom Big Chandelabra Black Mesh GACHA ~ DRD

Gilgamesh Lite Motorcycle Mesh LIMITED EDITION ~ sau MotoThe Arena



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