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"Maleficent Charmed" by Bambi Chicque

“Maleficent Charmed” by Bambi Chicque

Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier is pleased to announce their

newest festival event:

Fantasy Cream Fall Market

Available at BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP ! after event!

September 24 through October 30, 2015

I am thrilled with the market layout and gorgeous displays that were

created for this jubilant event and….

to be among one of the approved Merchants,

participating with several out of this world fantasy Designers!!!


I created a stunning and electrifying “exclusive” Maleficent Charmed Gown Set,

keeping in mind the scene where she throws green fires among the castle crowd.

Included in the set is the horned hat, flame scepter and a precious shoulder pet Crow!

∻⊰ ☆ ⊱∻

There is a contest going on at this event where Runa and Luna have set up

a board for you to select and click for a link to vote for your favorite item design!

**The merchant who will get the most number of votes, for his/her exclusive creation,

will get a free featured spot at Dandelion Daydreams Factory for

the next three months (until the next Fantasy Cream).

**Voters will go in a pool to win a PRIZE, too!

Designers who have accepted to provide a prize for the people voting

during the contest will be featured next to the Voting panel.

So make sure you check out the event,

enjoy your shopping spree and VOTE!

∻⊰ ☆ ⊱∻


Why yes!

There is also a hunt going on where you will search for an ornate twig

close to each Designer’s stall to receive the landmark and

hint for the hunt prize!

TP to the destination for your delicious gift!

Check out all the designer’s items on FLICKR!

∻⊰ ☆ ⊱∻

Just a little bit more….

LoveMe Skins is participating in the current round of

Designer Circle and showcasing a precious an gorgeous

“Penny” Skin!

Penny come in 6 beautiful skin tones:

Sugar, Milky, Sunkiss, Tan, Bronze and Cocoa.

Each skin package includes:

6-Lipsticks Options
1-Cleavage Enhancement (tattoo layer)
2-Eyebrow Options DarkBrow and LightBrow Options
1-Modify Shape (you won’t want to modify this gorgeous head/face shape, though!)

All skin appliers are available at the store.

∻⊰ ☆ ⊱∻

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Maleficent Charmed Full Set ~ BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP ! ~ Fantasy Cream Fall Market ~ MFGC!

Penny Skin, Lipstick 02 & Cleavage ~ LoveMe Skins ~ Designer Circle

∻⊰ ☆ ⊱∻

"Wondering Monk" by Bambi Chicque

“Wondering Monk” by Bambi Chicque

Only a few more days to visit SL12B!

I have the honor and pleasure of being the Blogger Manager for

Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier which includes over 50 incredible fantasy creators!

Today I wanted to show off Runa’s (Lilith’s Den)

outstanding MFGC Exhibit at SL12B!  Make sure to swing over and enjoy

their unique checkered temple with traveling Monks and goodies to pick up

and take home for yourself!

∻⊰ ☆ ⊱∻

Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier

Welcome to the best info hub for the discerning medieval fantasy

Second Life role-player.

The Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier is a regularly-updated list of all sorts of

medieval and fantasy entertainment.

Find hunts, fairs, roleplay regions, and high-quality stores for all your

medieval fantasy and roleplay need.

∻⊰ ☆ ⊱∻

I have been oooooohing & ahhhhhing & jumping back-flips

over Runa’s precious Monks for weeks now!


She finally has them for sale.

See Preview!


Enjoy!! xoxo Bambi


BamPu Legacies SL12B Exhibit 1

BamPu Legacies SL12B Exhibit 1

It is with great honor that I present to you some of the most

well known and talented Second Life Photographers and Artists!

This year at my SL12B BamPu Legacies & The SL Photographers Exhibit

(Located on Enchant)

I have created a gorgeous temple gallery to display incredibly loved

photographs and works of art from 7 companions who have established

their works among many piers, galleries, art installments and our

ever-so-loved FLICKR!

We welcome you to swing by and collect a few that are offered for FREE,

grab the information notecards containing landmarks & bio’s,

and hop above the MerHorse and pose in

a gorgeous flight among the oddities in the sky!

(Pose selected:  Black Tulip’s Dreamer #6)

Happy Birthday Second Life!

And many thanks to Owl, Awesome, Sabbian, Tali, Luna, Abel & Helena

for taking part in this exciting adventure!

You all inspire me!

BamPu Legacies & SL Photographers Banner.

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻


Abel Banner.

Seb Arkright ~ Abel Streeter

Take a closer look at Abel’s work:

Cane The Abel

Cane Flickr

“I have a passion for the odd, the dark and the twisted,

with a pinch of the apocalypse.

I like to create artistic photos, not merely fashion shots.

I hope this is evident in all you see before you! “

“I have had the pleasure of blogging for a range of excellent SL events,

including Fantasy Gacha Carnival,  We ❤ RP and Dark Style, to name but a few.”

“I am also sponsored by some of the best designer on the grid, such as CX, 7mad,

Ravens, Swagga and ARISE.”

Fashion blogger and photographer for over a year.

Writer and role player for all of my SL lifespan.

Recently joined Style Kingdom and THEMA magazines, as a stylist.

My work is regularly featured in slphotography.

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

Awesome Fallen

Awesome Fallen Banner.










 Coming soon….. Holtway Gallery


See Awesome’s awesome art on FLICKR!

“……. just another wave in the ocean………….

Thanks for stopping by to watch me flowing!”

(One of the first framed SL photographs I ever bought inworld was

one of Awesome’s!  In fact, it is hanging proudly at my Art Gallery!

She truly has been an inspiration to me ~ Bambi)

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

Bambi Chicque

Bambi Chicque Banner.

Bambi Chicque has been mystified and proficient with photography in the real world since

quite young, with her Father as her first Teacher; which sparked her interest

in the realms of Second Life’s Virtual and 3D Fantasy Photography!

She has captured the elements of Second Life through spectacles of time

with bountiful visits to endless events, destinations of interest and art installations.

She knew instantly upon joining SL that she would become a Photographer,

Designer and Blogger; working her way up the ladder of eternal junctures and recognition.

As a Blogger, she spends hours upon hours perfecting a “set”, selecting and blending articles

of attire and décor or simply visiting a fascinating sim to review for a vast amount

of Designers, Faires, Events and Special Venues.

She has been featured in many blogs and magazine publications with either her

BamPu Legacies Designs or photographs.

She wins an abundance of AWARDS for her creative photography on FLICKR!


Fantasy Faire 2015, SWaGGa, LoveMe Skins, Black Tulip Poses, Chimeric, Hair Fair 2015,

Lilith’s Den, MeshedUp, Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (Blog Manager), Siren Productions,

SOUL, Souzou Eien, Summer Gacha Fair, The Alchemy Event, The Annex,

We Love To Blog,

Medieval Fantasy Fairs & Hunts, Creators Of Fantasy, MensWear Fashion Week,

Mystique Realms, Pose Fair 2015, Relay For Life part time Committee,

Second Life Celebrations SL11B & SL12B Press/Guide/Photographer,

Sex Sells Gacha Fair, Skin Fair 2015, Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014,

and much more! OFFICIAL SL11B Guide Press Manager – 2015!

Bambi’s FLICKR

BamPu Legacies FLICKR GROUP (new)

Blog Manager / Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (50+ Roleplay Designers) ~  FLICKR GROUP

Admin ~ Exquisite Shopaholics FLICKR GROUP

Tanya Elise’ Howard Photography & Graphics website


BamPu Legacies Main Palace Shop & Art Gallery

BamPu Legacies at Two Moon Paradise / Wharf Shops

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

Helena Stringer

Helena Stringer Banner.

Owner/Designer of The Stringer Mausoleum

“I have always been fascinated with mythology. My university dissertation involved extensive

research on various mythologies during all historical ages.

A lot of that learning seeps into my Second Life,

be it through my avatar, my creations for my store,

or the art I choose to shoot, when I have the time.”

“Mercreatures have always been one of the rare loves of mine.

Something I normally don’t share with others in my second life,

I choose for it to be a special time for me, swimming amongst the waves alone.”

“I took this shot of my alt, while off frolicking the one day.

It is one of my most viewed photos I have ever captured.”

Helena on FLICKR

Owner of Pixel Mythos Blog

Co-Owner of Free*Style Blog

Guest Blogger on It’s Only Fashion

Team Blogger on SLetFlix

Helena on Plurk

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻


Luna Banner.

Luna (Maluani Resident)

“Hey everyone, my name is Maluani Resident…or for short, Luna

and I’ve in Second Life for years. I never imagine myself having a blog,

I wouldn’t of imagine it in a dream…

but with inspiration and pushing from good friends, things went forward.

I’m happy to show my creative work to you and hope that you come back for more.

I do client work ‘sometimes’ and you can IM me with questions if interested,

which this picture on display shows.

That is one of my long time friends, Vehlin and im excited that it got chosen by Bambi

to be shown at SL12B!”

“Please check out the links below, it would mean a lot to me to have your support and interest! <3:”

Official Blogger: Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier and many others!

Luna on FLICKR

Luminexlune Blog

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

Owl Dragonash

Owl Dragonash Banner.

“HI – I am Owl Dragonash!”

“Welcome to Sl12B and the BamPu Legacies Exhibit!

I hope you have a lot of fun and leave holding a new sense of wonder and delight in your heart!

Thank you Bambi for inviting me to exhibit with you again this year!

I enjoy snapping photos and playing with them.  I am not trained or a professional anything,

just having fun and playing as I learn.

I hope you have fun Looking through owls eyes.

You can see what is new on my Blog

More Photos on my Flicker

My Best friend Daallee & I own The Living Room! ( Visual Art Gallery and Live Music Venue)

Come Visit us at Lagrange Spaceport,

a wild Sim with a lot to explore owned by Hippie Bowman.

The Living Room On Flicker “

ღ ღ ღ owl

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

Sabbian Paine

Sabbian Paine Banner.

Sabbian Paine has been capturing the world of Second Life through his lens since

early 2009 when he was introduced to the world of Second Life photography.

What started out as a hobby for this real life artist soon became a big passion for Sabbian.

SL quickly became a new platform of self expression allowing a limitless

source of atmospheres and backdrops to his work which he often refers to being

submersed in a world filled with three dimensional art.

In addition to being constantly inspired by the creations SL has to offer,

music and emotions

play a big driving force behind in Sabbian’s work.

Each piece shares the title or a lyric of a song which inspired it

and is meant to be experienced with the song playing like a soundtrack to that image.

Sabbian has exhibited in various galleries across the grid including his first solo

exhibition in 2013 at at the Vampre Cultural Centre in his family sim of Transylvania

where he now has his main gallery. He has also exhibited at Nitroglobus,

The Rose Gallery, The Dominion Gallery,  Beguiled Spring Art Walk, Gallery Assis,

Galeries de Sinne, Galerie des Machines, Isole Art Gallery, The Gallery at Somerton,

Pessoa Gallery, Artists 4 SL, Crossworld’s Gallery and Branwen Arts..

Sabbian’s work has also been featured in a number of SL magazines

including a RL online publication.

Visit Sabbian’s Gallery at Translvania

Also currently exhibiting at Crossworld’s Gallery (2nd floor)

Sabbian’s FLICKR

Sabbian’s Youtube (machinima)

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻


Tali Banner.

Taliferrue Cathaldus

Taliferrue Cathaldus has been a resident of Second life since June 2010.

During those years she has spent her time exploring, managing the Blogger Group,

We love to Blog and sharing her finds on her blog @Melroo’s Place.

Established in 2012 @Melroo’s Place is an eclectic and hopefully informative blog

about life in Second Life.

@MP  covers home decor, events, sales, women’s fashion,

pretty much anything that tickles Taliferrue’s fancy gets blogged.

@Melroo’s Place Blog

Tali’s Flickr

Tali’s Facebook

Tali’s Twitter

Tali’s Pinterest

Tali’s Tumblr

Tali’s Google +

Tali’s Plurk

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

BamPu Legacies SL12B Exhibit 2

BamPu Legacies SL12B Exhibit 2

We all hope to see you at our SL12B Exhibit!

hugzzzz Bambi Chicque!

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻




"Athena’s Morning News" by Bambi Chicque

“Athena’s Morning News” by Bambi Chicque

Awaken Dear Athena

The alluring seas await

Obscure visions become clear

Lush moments are near

Sleep ashore with longing eyes wide

To swell with the tide

In the early morning rise

He shall wait for you there

Under the blissful skies

By Bambi Chicque

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

I actually took this photo almost a week ago when all of a sudden

my SL agenda grew immensely!

Finding out at the last minute you are accepted for the SL12B as a Builder and a sudden IM

from Doc asking how the SL12B Magazine was coming along,

as well as news that I have 2 lovely ladies to assist me….

AND I was accepted for the upcoming July Medieval Fantasy Faire 6……….

Wheeeew!  Talk about scrambling to put as much together as

possible to catch up; which I did as of today!

So, now I am finally presenting some amazing items from Soul – must have’s….

MeshedUp’s newest amazing necklace…..

Sahara’s Honora Gold Gown for this round of The Alchemy (gorgeous texturing!)

and many others shown in my “Athena’s Morning News” photo!

Soul is busy as a bee creating new skins for the amazing LeLutka Mesh Heads!

Charlie’s skin tones and adaption to this gorgeous mesh head is superb!

I will soon show off his newest also in his Fantasy Colors!  Thank you, Charlie!!

I am giving you a sneak peak to my “Aurelia Fantasy Bridge” and “Athena Fantasy Columns”

that you will see at SL12B and are now set out at my shop

with a few surprises I included and designed after I shot the photo!

More news for all these events coming to you soon!  Stay tuned in….

xoxo Bambi

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Aurelia Fantasy Bridge ~ BamPu Legacies

Athena Fantasy Columns ~ BamPu Legacies

Amberly H4 “LeLutka Head Applier” ~ .:Soul:.

Davina H4 AntiValentine Toned Skin ~ ..:Soul:.

LeLutka Mesh Head “Karin” ~ LeLutka

Athena Necklace ~ MeshedUp ~ TSA

Honora Gold Gown ~ Sahara’S ~ The Alchemy

Frasier Slink Nails ~ Pulcino ~  WLTB ❣

Secret Garden Hazel Brown Mesh Eyes ~ Dulce Secrets ~  WLTB ❣

Orchidea Lips Applier for LeLutka Mesh Head ~ Glam Affair

Astraea Gold Bracelets ~ Stitched ~ (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Maiden Of Tuatha Gold Crown ~ MUSE ~ (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Pose by Black Tulip Poses

Emilie Citrine Hair ~ D!va

WLTB LoveBambi Logo


The Alchemy




Applications are now open until October 25, 2015!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Official Blogger for Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC)!

We are currently seeking bloggers who are active and involved “weekly”; and especially focusing on fantasy themes.

You will need to keep up to date with our events, fairs, hunts, roleplay realms and entertainment as well as the Designer’s store specials and news.

MFGC is quite a large group with much going on!  Plan to receive a lot of review packs!


☆ Post reviews regularly with a “MINIMUM OF 4 PER MONTH” to include items from our MFGC Store List.

☆ WHEN WE HAVE SPECIAL EVENTS SUCH AS HUNTS AND FAIRS, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO BLOG 3 TIMES PER SUCH VENUE. This will also count toward your 4 reviews per month (but we do hope you will blog at least 6 that particular month!  This way we can have reviews still covering events and regular store deals.)

☆ We are looking for quality reviews of all items in blog content with enticing descriptions and details of any events along with dates, landmarks and store locations.

☆ We seek “quality photography” and proper avatar model appeal with the fantasy and roleplay themes. (no jagged edges in photos, too much blurring where textures do not stand out, no sex/porn, no unusually sized avatar shape) Nudity with taste is allowed.

☆ We do welcome and are seeking high quality fantasy style photos!!  It is with delight that Bloggers can be so creative in their works and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!  Texturing is ok, so long as it does not distort or cover up the main review items.

☆ Due to the large amount of Designers/Stores in our MFGC Group, we want to see the reviews spread out as evenly as possible and fairly for all venues and shops!

Please do not review the same Designer over and over, take the time to give all Creators a review!  This will be monitored.

> Please consider this before you apply.  Where is your loyalty?  If it is leaning towards “big events” only, then the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier may not your group to blog for.  But please do note, with this amount of high-profile stores in our group, many of these do participate in the “big events”.  We want our Blog Team to give all Creators in MFGC a fair chance for reviews, popularity and growth.  Therefore, we are looking for Bloggers who will “spread the love”!

☆ Please have our Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Logo visible on your blog and linking back to our main website Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier and to BamPu Legacies Grid Crier Store List

(All information and logos will be provided once accepted.)

☆ Example of blog/review listing:

> ITEM NAME ~ STORE NAME (with store landmark hyperlink) ~ EVENT (with event landmark or blog hyperlink)-(if applicable) <<

☆ You will be required to “Report” each blog on a Google Doc that will also list the stores you are reviewing.

Reports should be completed within 24 hours of the post.  We will send you the REPORT LINK once you are accepted.

(This will be a google doc, so please be prepared by having a gmail account for the invite.)

Reason?  We want to link your blog review to our main website!

☆ You will be required to “Join” our Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier FLICKR GROUP; adding  your links. If Flickr is your blog then please tag it properly and credit the MFGC Designers/Shops.

(Note:  Our Flickr Group is primarily intended for fantasy, roleplay, medieval style Designers and Photos!)


☆ You will be required to “Join” our inworld group:


(Please contact myself or Runa asap so I can send you the request.)

☆ While reporting your review in our inworld group, please also include the links in CHAT. This is a very busy group with Designers sending out news and updates, so we would like to keep the notices spam down.

Please include the name of your blog review, the blog link and the flickr link!  Hope this will help to bring you more attention as well!

☆ We utilize a Blogger System for the Designers to send out their Review Packs. Please check your “object” file daily as these should be titled MFGC.

We encourage our Blog Team to review items within at least 7 days up to 14.  Take special note if these items are for a “dated event/hunt” so to review them in a timely manner!

☆ Your blog must be at least 12 months old with active reviews and posts without any lengthy time breaks.

☆ Your blog must be syndicated with at least 3 of the leading blogger syndications.

☆ We would like for you to shoot some reviews from ourDandelion Daydreams FactorySim; at least once every 2 months. This is a rez-friendly beautiful sim for any blogger wishing to photograph; Contact RUNA for special permissions.  We will send you more information about this sim in hopes you will help us promote it.  There are 3 popular shops here: Lilith’s DenOblivionThe Wishbringer.

☆☆☆☆☆☆ Contact BambiChicque via notecard should you need to take a break or drop out. We will monitor the reviews daily and if a Blogger is not active for 1 month or if they have not met the 4 reviews per month rule, they will be removed immediately without notice.


MFGC has been around for a long time (since 2009) and are hoping you will be a huge part of our growth!

If you feel that you can apply to the above rules and requirements please complete the below form and submit.


We are only looking for a set amount of Bloggers at this time.  If you are not contacted, please do not get discouraged as we will keep all your information on file for future openings.

Keep your eye out on our sites for news, updates and any other openings!

Dragon Scroll Applications


If you feel you are able to meet our needs and can follow the above set of rules, please complete the application.


Apply Here

MFGC Looking for Bloggers


The Group for Roleplayer and lovers of the Scene!

Find all your Roleplay wardrobes, props and décor with Second Life’s

best Creators & Designers!

Be in the know with Roleplay sims, events & hunts!

Since September 2009!

(Partners with Creators Of Fantasy & Medieval Fantasy Fair & Hunt)


I am the Official Blogger Manager for

Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier!

Feel free to send me a notecard inworld if you have any questions.


You may also contact Runa (alrunia.ahn),

Chief Grid Crier & Owner/Operator of MFGC!



(Updated 12-5-2015)

Aimesi Medieval

Angel Fae Boutique

Bad Katz

BamPu Legacies

BlueMoon Enterprise

Challis Products

Château la Belette

C&N Roleplay Designs

Designs by Isaura

Dream of Medieval Crafts

Elvenhome Designs

Eternal Dreams Poses



Fallen Gods

Fantasy China


Feyline Fashions


Forest Feast




Homebase Furniture & More

House of Alcott

Imagine Flowers and Garden

Independent Objects



Kittycat’s Creations




Lilith’s Den ~ Pure Fantasy

Lions & Butterflies

Lugoi Devoition


Mattie Rae’s Textures


Mistique Furniture & Clothing


Mystique ~ Medieval, Fantasy & Goth Creations

Noble Creations


Opassande (Formely Trinkets)


PA Design

PA Painfull Addictions

Poet’s Heart




Sweet Revolutions

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions


The Seamstress

Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru ~ The Dragon’s Gate

T R I D E N T – Mainstore

T R I D E N T – Jewelry


Velvet Whip



Wonderland Creations


Dragon Scroll Applications




BLOGGER ~ Blogger Application


*All rules and information can be found on the above links!





Happy Roleplaying!

"Delphic Den" by Bambi Chicque

“Delphic Den” by Bambi Chicque

The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 sadly closed it’s trails

last night…so…….I thought I’d post one more gorgeous

safari-themed post and nudge you to trot over to some

of the amazing Designers Shops that helped to make

this Safari Adventure such a wonderful event…………

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Cayman Bracelet ~ TantalumJewelry & Accessory Expo 2014

Secrets Of The Fablewood Zebra (Horns) ~ Sad HarlequinJewelry & Accessory Expo 2014

Wild Symphony Necklace & Earrings EXCLUSIVE ~ Babules! By PheJewelry & Accessory Expo 2014

Durban Bangle White GACHA ~ JUMOJewelry & Accessory Expo 2014

Belleza Isabella Leather Top & Skirt ~ Soedara

Dripping Paint MakeUp ~ theSkinnery

Sanvean Eye Smudge & Body Tattoo ~  Haus of Darcy

Angelina Eyes ~ Mulhalland

Windblown 2 Hair ~ EMO-tions


Druid Staff ~ Alchemy

Stone Totem2 & Tiger Rug ~ Medieval Fantasy

J&A Expo 2014 Logo

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