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Zianzelza Witch Goth Mesh Dress Set ~ With HeadDress & Spider/Tails Belt

Zianzelza Witch Goth Mesh Dress Set ~ With HeadDress & Spider/Tails Belt

☿ Happy Spooky and Crazy Halloween Season! ☿

I wanted to design something not too Halloweeeeennnnie and yet

add such the hint to a dress ensemble that it shouts

Halloween ~ Goth ~ Evening ~ Elegant!..

…Something that can be worn any Season!

☿ Zianzelza ~ The Goth Witch! ☿

This is perfect for those who love to screenshot for photo’s.

I created the textures myself with fine detail and high resolution.

You can see the skull tableau on the left front and entirely on the back of the dress.

This MESH dress fits wonderfully and flows as you glide, fly or pose!

The set includes a Goth style HeadDress with the same golden spider as the Belt.

The belt has 2 fun tails (which is attached to the mini skirt-looking section)

Zianzelza Witch Goth Boot ~ Golden Copper ~ 3 Sizes!

Zianzelza Witch Goth Boot ~ Golden Copper ~ 3 Sizes!

For this spectacular set, it would be hard to find shoes or boots to

match it perfectly, so I created a pair of Goth Evening looking

mesh boots with coordinating textures!

(Yes, I will be designing this pair of boots in many colors to come!)

I totally fell in love with this style!  What cha think?

The mesh boots come in 3 sizes.


To toss in a little tid-bit for another fabulous SecondLife Creator,

I was speaking with Melonie Romano (Razmataz Poses)

via IM while I was at her shop testing out some of her new poses!

I picked out a series of her “Purse/Pocketbook Poses” and told her

I would let her know which one I use for this set.  The shoe pose

above is her “Pocketbook Pose5“.  Perfect for handbag and shoe posing!

♕ *winks at Melonie*  ♕

Zianzelza Witch Goth Golden MakeUp ~ With Spider & Luscious Glossy Lips & Eyeshadow with Eyeliner

Zianzelza Witch Goth Golden MakeUp ~ With Spider & Luscious Glossy Lips & Eyeshadow with Eyeliner

And to complete this wardrobe,

I created a tattoo layer of MakeUp using the same color pallette.

The lipstick is a luscious glossy plump gothy-golden.

The eyeshadow is a hint of the gold-copper used in the dress texture

along with this riveting eyeliner.

NOTE:  I did not wear eyelashes for this photo.

I wanted you to see the detail of the eyeshadow!

Finally for a special touch to completely match this set

I added the same Golden Spider Element at the base

of one eye!



BamPu Legacies @ Shine Creations Mall:


BamPu Legacies @ TWO MOON PARADISE (Wharf Shopping Area)

Note: Two Moon Paradise holds daily events. You will land either at the event or the Main entry.

There are round floor teleporters to TP you to THE WHARF SHOPS.

You will land right in front of BamPu Legacies Shop!



Check back for more color variations to this set, I already have had

2 requests for winter colors!!

BamPu Legacies SkullSpider Logo2y.

The Circus Is Coming!

The Circus Is Coming!

While working like crazy this past month creating circus items to

add to the Circus Fair and the upcoming Apple Circus at

Two Moon Paradise – I took a few breaks to snap some fun

pictures with my new Holly Mesh Chaplin Boots

(by HollyHood) while wearing one of my new

mesh circus outfits…Cirque Panda d’Orange!

Holly makes the perfect shoes and boots when I need something to

coordinate and pose with!

I chose this particular pair of boots so my stockings would blend with the pallet

of her detailed texturing and style!

You will want to pick up some of the hot deals this week too

at her I LOVE SHOES 99L EVENT this week!

Click here to TP to the shoe sale:


Stay tuned for my circus designs to be posted and


Click here to TP to the BamPuLegacies Circus Tent at the Circus Fair:


The Circus Fair runs September 21 through October 6th!

I’ll be posting more info on the Apple Circus Fair Event at Two Moon Paradise

(which begins this Friday) soon!


hUgZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

GACHA ADDICTION ~ Through the month of JUNE 2013 at BamPu Legacies Shop

GACHA ADDICTION ~ Through the month of JUNE 2013 at BamPu Legacies Shop

Through the end of June 2013 you can have fun playing GACHA ADDICTION at my BamPu Legacies Shop



This fun little game rewards you with the various sets as seen above.

All items are TRANSFER OK.

Have Fun Playing!

Look for new item starting July 1st!

If you want to see the GACHA ADDICTION FESTIVALS,

take a peak HERE:


This month’s theme for the GACHA FESTIVAL IS

Midsummer Night’s Fantacies ~ Hurry as it will close June 27th!

▶ ▷ WHAT’S A GACHA?? ◁ ◀

Gachas: … most time, little cute looking machines, offering a choice of products for one LOW price (lower than the norm).

hUgZzZz ~ Bambi Chicque

BamPu Legacies

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