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"Bring In The New Year" by Bambi Chicque

“Bring In The New Year” by Bambi Chicque

Recrudescence ~ Something’s Cooking For 2014!

My plans for New Year’s Eve cramped my ticking clock as

IM’s overflowed with invites to so many events.

Final Destination:  TWO MOON PARADISE!

My BamPu Legacies Shop (satellite shop) has been a flaming success and

with so many weekly events that Shiran plans I have been delighted to place

coordinating clothing out for SPECIALS or even FREE during those times.

She and Argus have been exceptionally gracious to me;

so yes, Two Moon Paradise was my final landing spot!

I would like to take this moment to THANK YOU, SHIRAN AND ARGUS!

I LOVE YOU!! xoxo

"Oingo Bongo Shiran" by Bambi Chicque

“Oingo Bongo Shiran” by Bambi Chicque

We were first entertained by Maxmillion Kleene at the Mer Garden Event!

My fingers are giggling at the keyboard right now typing this out because

Shiran and I had been shopping together earlier at Taliesins Tails.

Caroline Winslet set out a new FREE absolutely gorgeous mermaid ensemble

~ so we had to snatch that up, too!

And while shopping?

Caroline sent me her latest creation which I will post pix soon.

I did not want to arrive wearing the same mermaid outfit as Shiran;

so uha, I was a shopaholic at Taliesen’s shop!

"Dance The Night Away" by Bambi Chicque

“Dance The Night Away” by Bambi Chicque

 Soooooooo ~ As Max was closing his New Years performance

Shiran set off the fireworks.  WOWZIE!

I snapped and snapped away for pix then decided

to pan


above the mermaid cave……….


I have never seen such gorgeous fireworks in Second Life ever!

I heard comment after comment of the same.

Two Moon Paradise New Years Eve 2013/2014

Two Moon Paradise New Years Eve 2013/2014

The 1st picture (top above) here was NOT photoshoped at all!

All I did was add the New Years frames with text, sign and frame it.

This is exactly what we all viewed and enjoyed together!  Amazing!

Chigs' New Years Cake for Two Moon Paradise

Chigs’ New Years Cake for Two Moon Paradise

Next on the agenda was to meet at Two Moon Paradise “Coconut Rock”

where FARR & THE ROBOTS would perform.

I swooshed home to change into Chop Zuey’s La Vie En Rose Gown & Jewelry

and made it back to dance with my cherished friends, enjoy Farr’s music

and eat some of Chigs’ New Years Eve Cake he especially created for Two Moon Paradise!


Something's Cooking For 2014

Something’s Cooking For 2014

As the evening settled down and the guests moved about,

Chigs and I spent almost 2 hours incepting together for a new

Valentine’s Hunt idea for the Two Moon Paradise family.

We spoke on and on about cooking and recipes… HAHA on

New Years Eve talking about FOOD!

We decided to partner up and brainstorm for Valentine’s Day…..


Stay tuned for more……………

BamPu Legacies at Two Moon Paradise (TP to Wharf Shops):


Something's Cooking For 2014 TV

Did you usher in the new year with a grand speech reflecting on the

year prior and detailing your resolutions for the months to come?

If so, I trust you had a pithy and effective exordium just as I!

I have already begun my plans for 2014 and will be announcing them here soon.

Happy New Years 2014! ~ Bambi

Gone Fishing ~ Two Moon Paradise

Gone Fishing ~ Two Moon Paradise

HAHA! I popped in on Shiran and the gang to go fishing today…

Yes, one can enjoy the 7 SEAS FISHING GAME

at Two Moon Paradise!

I forgot my pole? Naaah….

I just told them I was going to stand there and “watch for the big fish” to be caught

through my binoculars! *giggles*

Love the outfits we all wore and had a lot of laughs together!

Sure caught a lot of rares, too!

I bought this outfit a while back and just flip over all the accessories it comes with!


“TAMU” By Berta Avro ~ {SeVered GarDeN}* B&B Creations

There is a HUD to wear and click when I want to really take a looooooong look through the binoculars and animate!

Love the parrot and monkey (holding a banana)!  The sunglasses are perfectly styled for this set as well as the comfy boots and socks!

Berta didn’t leave anything out!  Including a watch, hat, scarf, belt,

camera to wear around your neck.

Hope you join us sometime while we fish a lil’ more, kick back and enjoy the ambiance

of Two Moon Paradise!


hUgZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Roaring Shiran

Roaring Shiran



The venue was crammed pack with dancers, flappers, kiss & hugs at the Hug Booth


I know Shiran was more than delighted with all the donations and wins for the SPARC BENEFIT!

She set the theme for the event as RETRO FLAPPER DAYS and the music was “gala to our ears”!

LouLou ~ Auction Winner of "Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set"

LouLou ~ Auction Winner of “Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set”

LouLou successfully won the bid for my “Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set”.

Once she heard they had the Two Moon logo, she upped her bid! lol

Vica ~ Auction Winner of "Vintage Beach Mirth SPARC Set"

Vica ~ Auction Winner of “Vintage Beach Mirth SPARC Set”

Vica was thrilled when she won the bid for my “Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set”.

She told me she couldn’t wait to wear it and set out the tents!

Farrokh Vavoom ~ Auction Winner of "When We First Met Gazebo Set"

Farrokh Vavoom ~ Auction Winner of “When We First Met Gazebo Set”

We couldn’t figure out why Farrokh was not bidding on the Vintage Beach Mirth sets,

until he yelled “I AM WAITING TO BID ON THE GAZEBO!”


(Well he would look kinda’ funny I suppose in the retro swimsuit, hat & bow! 🙂

And yes, he won the bid for the “When We First Met Gazebo Set”!

He jumped his bid up quite high to ensure his win!

Vian and I modeling a couple of my Vintage Beach Mirth Swimsuits

Vian and I modeling a couple of my Vintage Beach Mirth Swimsuits

Vian and I opted to wear a couple of the retro swimsuits to show them off so everyone could see the detail in style and textures that I created for these sets.

As I was working on the photographs, I just noticed I forgot to send Vian the coordinating hat to wear!

Oooopsies Me!

Oh well, she always grabs up every design I create and I’m sure I will see her today sporting one of these sets!

Flapper Argus

Flapper Argus

Argus is always absolutely dressed to kill ~ don’t cha think?

Argus, Arguss & Shiran bought the sets from me right away

so they can wear them today for their

FISHING EVENT at Two Moon Paradise

….oooh I have to jump in for that!

Dancing to "You Can Take Your Hat Off"

Dancing to “You Can Take Your Hat Off”

One of my favorite songs at this event was “You Can Take Your Hat Off”

and the dancing flowed perfectly to the music our DJ selected!

Great job, Shiran!

I have already been asked when the full sets will be out for sale in my BamPu Legacies Shop.

I plan to add them today…!!

I added the medium and large tents as well as included the coordinating floppy straw hats!

These will be copy ok versions ~vs~ the transfer only in the GACHA game.

Here is a sneak peak of one set:



Don’t forget, they will be continuing this event through today as well!

Theme:  FISHING! ~ Yes relaxed style and comfy!

Here is your fishing boat ride to Two Moon Paradise

…and….make sure you visit BamPu Legacies Shop on the Wharf there

later today to see the new items I will be adding today!


Shiran has complete details here:


See you there!!

hUgZzZ ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Vintage Beach Mirth 2 ~ "SPARC" for Two Moon Paradise SPARC Benefit Auction

Vintage Beach Mirth 2 ~ “SPARC” for Two Moon Paradise SPARC Benefit Auction

Well….Argus and Shiran had fun playing my GACHA for the Vintage Beach Mirth Sets I recently added to the shop,

so they asked that I create 2 sets for their auction tomorrow!

I hopped on it right away!

I added the cute floppy straw hats and 2 more sizes of tents!

I made the textures myself so I could coordinate exactly with the colors of the logos.

Vintage Beach Mirth 2 ~ "Two Moon" for Two Moon Paradise SPARC Benefit Auction

Vintage Beach Mirth 2 ~ “Two Moon” for Two Moon Paradise SPARC Benefit Auction

I will have 3 items at the Benefit for their auction where 100% of the proceeds will be going to SPARC BENEFIT.

(see below)

Please join us this Thursday AND Friday for the SPARC BENEFIT & AUCTION.  

July 25 & 26 2013 at Two Moon Paradise

The fundraiser auction will be held Thursday 7/25 4-7pm SL TIME and again Friday 7/26 starting 3pm SL TIME!

The auction will begin sometime after 5pm SL TIME.

There will be entertainment, dancing and fun things to do!


SPARC stands for Stroke, Parkinson And Rehabilitation Care.

SPARC was created to provide a friendly warm and inviting environment while participating in fitness programs.

Working towards independent living.

Proceeds from the Auction will be donated to SPARC.

Shiran will be posting more information here:


I’ll be adding to the “original” Vintage Beach Mirth sets to put out in BamPu Legacies Shop!

These sets will now include the floppy straw hat and 2 new sizes of tents!

(Will add new picture sometime today, for now here is the GACHA sets below)

GACHA ~ Vintage Beach Mirth

GACHA ~ Vintage Beach Mirth

Hope to see you at the Benefit!

hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chicque

Memorial Day Logo


Happy Memorial Day!

Remember Our Heroes ~ They Are The Reason We Are Free!

Memory Lane Dress Set for Memorial Day 2013

Memory Lane Dress Set for Memorial Day 2013


Shiran & Argus of Two Moons Paradise are holding a vivid Memorial Day Celebration today that you won’t want to miss!

Catch up with their Event Schedule.

Once again, they asked that I design something specific for this event.

I love “grunge” ~ and had made these textures a while ago in hopes of making something special with them….soooo…


I always design something extra special to give away FREE for their events and keep them up for a Limited Time in my BamPu Legacies Shop.

The FREE FIRECRACKER HAT can also be found on the bar at their COCONUT ROCK area where there is live entertainment and dancing!.

Once you land at their Event, there are teleporters set up to visit the rest of their lovely sim.

Make sure to TP or FLY to the Wharf Area where you will find many shops, including ChopZuey & MED!

BamPu Legacies Shop is in the middle of these two!


Memory Lane Firecracker Hat for Memorial Day ~ Free for Limited Time At Two Moons Paradise

Memory Lane Firecracker Hat for Memorial Day ~ Free for Limited Time At Two Moons Paradise

You can also find the dress at my marketplace.

Enjoy!  Bambi Chique!

Happy Memorial Day!

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