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Introducing the “Brain Twister” sets inspired by the ever so loving Riddler from Gotham! I love that character!!

The sets are available at the current Men’s Closet which runs September 26 thru October 19th, 2022!

After the event they will be available at my BamPu Legacies Shop!

Happy Shopping Guys!

xoxo Bambi

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"To Plunge Or Not To Plunge" © Bambi Chicque

“To Plunge Or Not To Plunge” © Bambi Chicque

Spring is in the air and Summer is upon us!

Let’s get WET!

I remember when I first came to Second Life and was invited to

several swimming parties right off the bat!  I shopped and shopped for

unique swimsuits and with the colors I love.

So, I’m sure everyone will be out soon looking for a new look for this season!

Reflection Sunglasses Close-Up ~ See The Waves!

Reflection Sunglasses Close-Up (LALDIES) ~ See The Waves!

For my first set of “HIS & HER” matching swimsuit sets, I created

a fresh and crisp Hawaiin floral fabric.  To add to that summer breezing look,

I created 2  “Reflection Sunglasses” for each set – Look closely and you can

see the WAVES on the lens!

Akamai Male Swimsuit & Sunglass Set

Akamai Male Swimsuit & Sunglass Set

Blade is flaunting his new Akamai Swimsuit (MESH) that offers that

subtle sexiness and shows off his six-pack abs!  He couldn’t wait to pose for me here!

I threw in the Hawaiin floral for a 2nd pair of sunglasses for the guys –

I know my friend Chigs will love this totally matching combo!  It’s right up his alley

to have everything coordinate!

Akamai Female Swimsuit & Sunglass Set

Akamai Female Swimsuit & Sunglass Set

What a sexy bikini!

The mesh fits wonderfully and offers a sleek

definate “I am going swimming” appeal!

Oh Runway Models….here ya go!

You can find these sets at my BamPu Legacies Main Palace Shop!

(Hair in TO PLUNGE OR NOT TO PLUNGE Photo – by emo-tions)

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Spangled ~ Yes Spangled My Beach Home Living Room!

Spangled ~ Yes Spangled My Beach Home Living Room!

Had a busy weekend going to the ever-so-popular

$10L Weekend Sale at Grumble!

I also made my way back to the Food Fair 2013

to look for goodies from Grumble, too…and other Designers – OF COURSE!

Beach House Bauble ~ New Decor from Grumble $10L Weekend Sale!

Beach House Bauble ~ New Decor from Grumble $10L Weekend Sale!

I had purchased this quaint Beach House (Trompe Loeil – Beach Bungalow)

sometime back at Colabor88 and have slowly been decorating it;

searching for just the right touches to add.

While I saw the colors Grumble offered at the two events I flew to,

I was quick to rezzz out my new cozy items from Grumble!

BamPu Tiki Bar ~ Blade Modeling Grumble Cargo Pants from $10L Weekend Sale!

BamPu Tiki Bar ~ Blade Modeling Grumble Cargo Pants from $10L Weekend Sale!

My best guy friend in real, Blade,

~ whom I modeled with a few years back, joined me to take advantage of the awesome prices!

He LOVES cargo pants, so was quick to dash up to the sales board and click away!

Isn’t he adorable?? *winks*

We decided to enjoy a few cocktails at my BamPu Legacies Tiki Bar

and snap a few photographs to show off our funzies!

$10L ~ Still Available at the Grumble Entry until Sunday Night July 28, 2013!

$10L ~ Still Available at the Grumble Entry until Sunday Night July 28, 2013!

The above are also items you can pick up from the Grumble Sale!

FOOD FAIR LOGO JULY 2013And don’t forget to visit the Food Festival 2013!

It ends August 4, 2013.



Lots and lots of wonderful and fun stuff there!


GG~$10L WEEKEND-Yay! and stuff ~ heart plant Happy Face


Grumble-Food Fair ~ “Martini Shelf”

Grumble-Food Fair ~ “Wine Time Bookcase”; comes with stunning rug and other items that set inside the shelves!

GG $10L ~ “Ruffle Crop Tank” Pink Mesh 5 sizes

Grumble-$10L Faded Beach Planter (Love the Starfish!)

Grumble-Food Fair ~ Garden Bench – Artichoke Pillow”

Grumble-Food Fair ~ “Citrus Lounger” (Love how the peachy-pink coordinates with my beach veranda!)

(Other items are from previous Grumble Hunts and some I bought at the Hollywood Swag Event from various designers!)

OoOoooh and we also picked up this sweeeeeeeeeet Gesture:

ıılılılılılılllı~Don’t Go Away Mad… Just Go Away! ~ılılllıllııllıllıı ==

Grumble 10L Gesture Go Away

You gotttaaaa hear this!

Blade is wearing:


*Grumble LC-MENS Mesh Sneakers

(*He won these at the Midnight Mania Boards at Grumble.)


Grumble LC-Colorado RED BOOTS ~ I won these at their Midnight Mania Boards!

I just had to buy this retro PICTURE (shown) to coordinate with my beach home den.

Grumble Poster-Bieres by Allie Munro

And the carpet matched perfectly:

GG Modern Carpet B/W  Asian Floral

You can’t beat her prices! 🙂

I heard Blade mumbling:  “The Grumble sales are colosal!”

Now I Relax ~ Whhheeew!

Now I Relax ~ Whhheeew!

So, finally, last night I sat back to enjoy my newley decorated Beach Bungalow.

Oooh, you know me, I’ll find more finds as the events roll on and on and on!

Visit the Grumble blog for updates, landmarks and new information:


hUgZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies




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