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"Menagerie Pescar" by © Bambi Chicque

“Menagerie Pescar” by © Bambi Chicque

There are so many wonderful and enticing events going on in Second Life this month

and my fellow Bloggers are all busy, busy, busy posting away to keep everyone up to date

with the whens~wheres~and what to’s!

So for a little change, I thought I’d spend some time today introducing you to

an amazing and well choreographed performaning group:


"Pokinoi Ellipse" by © Bambi Chicque

“Pokinoi Ellipse” by © Bambi Chicque


Yesterday Chigs and I set our clocks to 1:00pm SL time and kept on each other

so not to miss yet another astonishing show by this remarkable group!

"Burning Down The House" by © Bambi Chicque

“Burning Down The House” by © Bambi Chicque


Shadow Tarber, their “Silhouette Director”, wanted to allow anyone who missed

the first award-winning “Kaleidoscope” Show to have the chance

to see it before it closes for good.

“Kaleidoscope Revisited”

Next and Final Show:  May 3rd ~ 6am & 1pm SLT

"Shadow Dancers" by © Bambi Chicque

“Silhouette Dancers” by © Bambi Chicque


The performance auditorium is well decorated with nice & comfy

plush seats (*with multiple poses*) and much more to see!

You will love their new “Silly’s Lounge & Bar”

where you can enjoy cocktails before & after the show.

"The Truth Depends On Who's Telling It" by © Bambi Chicque

“The Truth Depends On Who’s Telling It” by © Bambi Chicque


Make sure you visit their friendly barman as he is ready to serve an array of fancy drinks:

Dry Martinis, Champagne, Kiri Imperial & Sex On The Beach!  Yum…

"After The Show" by © Bambi Chicque

“After The Show” by © Bambi Chicque


After the shows, you can personally meet all the dancers and Shadow –

and hey – go ahead and ask for an autograph!! *snickers*

Bravo to all these wonderful performers!


Keep up to day with all their events and schedule!

Visit Shadow & The Silly Bar ~ home of The Silhouette Dancers!

Enjoy The Show Marquee





Meshy Monday by Bambi Chicque

Meshy Monday by Bambi Chicque

If you didn’t know, GRUMBLE has a Mesh Monday sale every Monday…..

Yes…that’s Mondays!

You can snatch up the deal at main landing point!

A mere $50L !!  Not bad!

I decided to add some of my GACHA “A Bed In The Wheatfield” wins while taking this pic!

This was a meshy posing session as all these mesh items just blended…uhhhm….meshed together perfectly!


*GG Mini Sweater Tube Dress-s Teal\Purple

BY NinoITA Allen

OTHER ~ ( *Gacha Items):

*Tennis Shoes & Pink Socks: Mesh Sport Shoes by Stacey Artful

*Skin: LUZ – Delma Gothly Blue –  Cleavage (New) by Luzie Cheng

*PIPE: {PO} Butterfly Bubble Pipe

(The bubbles that come out of the pipe have BUTTERFILES!!!  I think I’ll smoke that butterfly pipe every day now! lol )

*Jewelry:  *N@N@*Smith Necklace “Laranja” ~ Bracelet & Ring

*Hat: LUZ – Ada Hat – blue 1 by Luzie Cheng

TRUTH HAIR Bella – Black & Whites01

Pose: Le Poppycock Frozen by Olivia Lalonde (acquired at the Puppet Fair 2013)

Girly Capri Teal Jeans by Karley Tandino

Take your Taxi here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grumble%202/129/163/30/

Grumble has 2 full sims of shopping, midnight mania boards and lots of deals!

Grumble "Mesh Monday" Mini Sweater Tube Dress 50L

Grumble “Mesh Monday” Mini Sweater Tube Dress 50L

Until next time….

hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

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