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"Remembering The Branches Of Salem" by Bambi Chicque

“Remembering The Branches Of Salem” by Bambi Chicque

It’s that time again for the ever so popular

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIV !!

Hosted by Merchant Of Dreams!

(Creators of Fantasy)

October 1 through October 31, 2015

This year we are focused on

“The Story Of Salem”!


I created a pair of unisex “Salem Hanging Branch Wings” as my prize!

I am also working on a male and female outfit to coordinate with the wings

that will be on sale for a special low price for the duration of the hunt…..

still working on the items and will announce and post photos as soon

as it’s available!


Join the 48 amazing Designers participating with

magical items, décor or unisex or male / female clothing!


List of Designers & SURLS

See photos and advertisements on FLICKR!


Salem Hanging Branches Unisex Wings “Hunt Gift”

~ BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP ! ~ Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIV !!


????????????????????????????TUMBLEFLUMP ELF SHOES ~ Unisex with Resizer

Just on time for Christmas you will enjoy wearing these

charming Elf Shoes adorned with icicles, bells & snowflakes!

Join us at Shine Creations Mall for the

All That Glitters Is Snow Hunt

November 15 through December 15 2013

All the winter treats are set to $3Linden.

The items are created for male and female; some for petites!

Look for little Snow Flake hidden in shops which holds the amazing gifts

created by many well-known and high-quality designers .

All That Glitters Is Snow Hunt Poster

You can find the hunt list here:


My Tumbleflump Elf Unisex Shoes are at my BamPu Legacies Shop here:


Happy Holidays Koala Bear. copy


Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Tattoo ~Unisex

Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Tattoo ~Unisex

Ever wonder about the First  Thanksgiving?

I decided to create something for

“The Jerky Turkey Hunt 3” which runs November 15~30 2013

honoring the Wampanoag Native American Indians

by creating this magnificent turkey-feathered unisex headdress

along with a tattoo layer mask blending in the same colors.

The Thanksgiving Holiday stems from the glorious feast held in the

Fall of 1621 by the first Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indian Tribe

to celebrate the colony’s first successful harvest at Plymouth Plantation.

I am partial American Indian in real and have such an affinity for anything

native in home decor and wardrobe – I hope you enjoy this!

Yes…I will be  making some clothing for this ornate “Turkey Dusk Headdress”!

The tattoo layer mask comes in 2 styles:

1 with a hint of blended eyeliner (that also looks fab on the guys), the other has

no eyeliner so you can add your own.

The Turkey Dusk Headdress has a RESIZER so anyone can adjust.

Jerkey Turkey Hunt 3 AD

The Boo! Bunny has been spotted again!!

This morning at 12:01 ~ ummm just after midnight ~

The Boo! Bunny “JERKY TURKEY HUNT 3” started!

Once again I am honored to be a part of this special holiday hunt among

many fabulous and creative designers.

The hunt offers gifts for both male and female set to $0Linden.



There is also a note card at the hunt start to guide you through.

You can find the list here:


Start the hunt at Grumble:


You will find my “Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Unisex Set” at my

BamPu Legacies Shop at Shine Creations Mall here:


Happy Hunting ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ Happy Holidays!

I wanted to add a link where my Turkey Dusk Headdress (for the hunt) was blogged!



Happy Holidays Koala Bear. copy

"Falling Antlers" ~ with Resizer ~ Unisex!  "A Festival Of Fall Colors HUNT" at Shine Creations Mall

“Falling Antlers” ~ with Resizer ~ Unisex! “A Festival Of Fall Colors HUNT” at Shine Creations Mall

Autumn is coming with gentle breezes and howling winds.

How beautifully leaves grow old and how full of light and color are their last days!


As a Photographer, this is one of my most favorite times of the year!

On this occasion the next colorful hunt I am stepping in is

‘A Festival Of Fall Colors 2013 Hunt’ !

Look for the colorful Autumn Leaf inside my BamPu Legacies Shop for your prize!

The hunt items are set to $3Linden.

My Unisex “Falling Antlers” are full of a Squirrel’s Delight & Nutrition!

Acorns, Walnuts, Colorful Berries and Falling Leaves!

Oopsies did he drop a few?

The Falling Antlers has the perfect resizer so our sweet little PETITE’S can enjoy these as well!

"A Festival Of Fall Colors 2013 Hunt" At Shine Creations Mall ~ September 15 thru October 15

“A Festival Of Fall Colors 2013 Hunt” At Shine Creations Mall ~ September 15 thru October 15

The hunt runs September 15th – October 15th 2013 and will be Sim-Wide,

covering Shine Creation’s Main Shop and all the wonderful shops

in the Shine Creations Shopping Mall.

Here’s your taxi ~ BamPu Legacies Shop at Shine Creations Mall:


Thank You Haopy Hunting TV for advertising our hunt!

Thank You Happy Hunting TV for advertising our hunt!

I am pleased to announce that our August Hunt

“Once in a Blue Moon”

was featured by the Happy Hunting Show on August 30th!

You can find the link for the show on their website:


Happy Hunting Bambi Chicque LOGO wSquirrel



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