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"Midnight Train to Whiter Dreams" by Bambi Chicque

“Midnight Train to Whither Dreams” by Bambi Chicque

Destination:  Midnight Train To Whither Dreams….

Entering a dark, yet cozy deserted apocalypse plumbered park

you find your way down the steps

of a curious mountainside to the train depot.

Clinching your ticket tightly so not to lose it’s purpose,

an utterly nuclear thought hits your head.

It appears a widespread of destruction has blasted this city and you are caught

amid the rubble and broken glass.  One might begin to worry,

but there is a purpose for us all beyond the predictions of global famine

and threats to our ozone….

Is this a nightmare or a dream?

You carry onward in a point of no return.

Or do you……..?

Have you entered the twilight zone?

All can hear that music now………

As you clear your eyes of the hazy smoke and fumes spewing within the rails….

it becomes much more clear as you desperately capture your virtual awakening.


You have entered SL12B Welcome Area….

….known as “The Station” !

Lingering just to your left is an information board for the stages and other points of interest

where you can easily click to obtain landmarks, information or teleport into the beyond.

The midnight express trains,

{exhibit & trains designed by Walton F. Wainwright (Faust Steamer) of Contraption },

soar up into the sky taking you to whither dreams and beyond!

….You hope!

I am quite fascinated with this exhibit jousting such an apocalyptic embarkment

and, as usual,

I grabbed my camera to capture the essence and impressive warmth it promises.


SL12B Welcome Area – The Station

“What dreams may come”. Where will your imagination and fantasy take you?

To a nightmare, or to a dream?

A sleeping dream or a waking dream?

Or maybe your dreams of creativity, friendship, companionship and fun will take you to…….

Second Life……….”


Keep up to date with all the entertainment, news and stories:  SL12B

Happy Birthday, Second Life!

And, Faust??? You totally outdid yourself here, dear!  Amazing build!

xoxo Bambi

Roaring Shiran

Roaring Shiran



The venue was crammed pack with dancers, flappers, kiss & hugs at the Hug Booth


I know Shiran was more than delighted with all the donations and wins for the SPARC BENEFIT!

She set the theme for the event as RETRO FLAPPER DAYS and the music was “gala to our ears”!

LouLou ~ Auction Winner of "Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set"

LouLou ~ Auction Winner of “Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set”

LouLou successfully won the bid for my “Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set”.

Once she heard they had the Two Moon logo, she upped her bid! lol

Vica ~ Auction Winner of "Vintage Beach Mirth SPARC Set"

Vica ~ Auction Winner of “Vintage Beach Mirth SPARC Set”

Vica was thrilled when she won the bid for my “Vintage Beach Mirth TWO MOON Set”.

She told me she couldn’t wait to wear it and set out the tents!

Farrokh Vavoom ~ Auction Winner of "When We First Met Gazebo Set"

Farrokh Vavoom ~ Auction Winner of “When We First Met Gazebo Set”

We couldn’t figure out why Farrokh was not bidding on the Vintage Beach Mirth sets,

until he yelled “I AM WAITING TO BID ON THE GAZEBO!”


(Well he would look kinda’ funny I suppose in the retro swimsuit, hat & bow! 🙂

And yes, he won the bid for the “When We First Met Gazebo Set”!

He jumped his bid up quite high to ensure his win!

Vian and I modeling a couple of my Vintage Beach Mirth Swimsuits

Vian and I modeling a couple of my Vintage Beach Mirth Swimsuits

Vian and I opted to wear a couple of the retro swimsuits to show them off so everyone could see the detail in style and textures that I created for these sets.

As I was working on the photographs, I just noticed I forgot to send Vian the coordinating hat to wear!

Oooopsies Me!

Oh well, she always grabs up every design I create and I’m sure I will see her today sporting one of these sets!

Flapper Argus

Flapper Argus

Argus is always absolutely dressed to kill ~ don’t cha think?

Argus, Arguss & Shiran bought the sets from me right away

so they can wear them today for their

FISHING EVENT at Two Moon Paradise

….oooh I have to jump in for that!

Dancing to "You Can Take Your Hat Off"

Dancing to “You Can Take Your Hat Off”

One of my favorite songs at this event was “You Can Take Your Hat Off”

and the dancing flowed perfectly to the music our DJ selected!

Great job, Shiran!

I have already been asked when the full sets will be out for sale in my BamPu Legacies Shop.

I plan to add them today…!!

I added the medium and large tents as well as included the coordinating floppy straw hats!

These will be copy ok versions ~vs~ the transfer only in the GACHA game.

Here is a sneak peak of one set:



Don’t forget, they will be continuing this event through today as well!

Theme:  FISHING! ~ Yes relaxed style and comfy!

Here is your fishing boat ride to Two Moon Paradise

…and….make sure you visit BamPu Legacies Shop on the Wharf there

later today to see the new items I will be adding today!


Shiran has complete details here:


See you there!!

hUgZzZ ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

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