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"Fly Me To the Moon, Honey! © by Bambi Chicque

“Fly Me To the Moon, Honey! © by Bambi Chicque

This evening I am delighted to show off a charming Men’s Formal Set by BlueMoon Enterprise!

The color balance and fabrics are daunting in a rich golden blend with subtle blacks.

I love the hint of olive which makes everything “pop” when you take even just a

mere glance!  I especially love the pocket watch and ascot style tie!

The mesh slacks fit snug and fitting to the body with no odd shapes to it when

you move about or sit! The set includes 2 vest colors and the formal shoes are

an added plus for a complete look….topping it off with a nice Top Hat!

Lord Llyr is available in several colors; Blade is sporting the Gold Set!

Since there are

only 3 more days for the Dark Bloody Tales III Fair,

you guys should make a quick run to BlueMoon’s Shop to select one or more

of these Formal Sets! This is the type of outfit that you can enjoy for more than just

roleplay affairs;as seen in the photo I am presenting to you

“Fly Me To The Moon, Honey”!

Lord Llyr Gold by BlueMoon Enterprises

Lord Llyr Gold by BlueMoon Enterprises


Ok so for the photo – I have to giggle just a little here….

We had such a tizzy deciding exactly where to pose.  We were in the Castle at first,

but kept jumping over to the outside area where I have my Breno Stargazer Platform Deck

and Seven Scientific Telescope set out! So you know me, just to make the photo a bit more

interesting I set out a couple of items I have picked up this past month.


Decisions…decisions…which to set out?…….

My new Culprit Quarter Horse Dapple that I gasped and quickly bought at last month’s

Men’s Dept Sale ~or~ this fun Culprit Supersonic Rocket Neptune!

If you had been hiding in the forest watching us I am sure we would have heard

echos of laughter streaming through the thick.  You’ve seen two people hop

on and off and on and off posing before, right? A little humorous…hehe!


I didn’t want to dress too lavish for this shot (who me?)…{wanting to show off Lord Llyr!)

But I did want to wear Zyn’s “Amulet of Atlantis” that is also available at the

Dark Bloody Tales III Fair

The necklace is gorgeous, so I did another photo shoot with a close up shot

– coming in next blog post!

Dark Bloody Tales III Fair ~ March 21 to March 30, 2014

Dark Bloody Tales III Fair ~ March 21 to March 30, 2014

So goes the photo and now the Style Card! Enjoy..

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.


BlueMoon Enterprises – Lord Llyr Gold Formal Complete Set – Available NOW at the Dark Bloody Tales II Fair

Dura-Boys44 Black Hair



ZynAmulet of Atlantis Necklace – Available now at the Dark Bloody Tales II Fair

ZC THE LOOK EYES Impressionism Eyes by my dear dear friend

Alyssalillian McMinnar of Zero Cool Designz

☞ Available at our SURVIVAL CAMP GACHA FAIR which ends March 30th!

And by the way, have you been to her Zero Cool Shop!

OK OK OK – You gotta!  It’s a site to see!

META Black Gold Avatar Hat (Hats In Art Fair 2013)

EMO-tionsPromise Black Hair



Culprit – Supersonic Rocket Neptune

Fi’s Creations Lilly in Planter with Butterflies (TSCH2 Stupid Cupid Hunt)

*ionic*Northern Star (properly plugged into my trees J) (Chapter Four)

!OhmaiAstropork Light IV (Astronaut Piggies! From Collabor88 Supernova)

Seven EmporiumSeven Scientific Telescope & Case

BrenoStargazer Viewing Platform with Stairs

Banner Masks Enjoy...Bambi

BamPu Legacies Shop ~ NEW 2nd Shop Open at Shine Creations Mall!

BamPu Legacies Shop ~ NEW 2nd Shop Open at Shine Creations Mall!

If there is one thing I have learned about my dear friend Ali,

when she sends you a TP out of the blue………….


The more I create and design, the more I join in hunts and fairs,

the more hunts I go on myself ~


So, the story goes, I get this TP unexpectedly and landed at

Shine Creations Mall (newly decorated and wow is it awesome)!

Ali and our other friends were hubbing around as we all selected

our new shops!

We are all thrilled to be a part of this new business venture together

as Nagida Soulstar of Shine Creations has gobs of

plans for monthly hunts and events at the Mall!

In speaking with Nagida, I had to let her know of my pleasure to be a

part of her “creation” and dream since I have purchased from her many

times in the past and admire her work tremendously!

I met with Ali today and learned of even more fun plans ….

So hang around for more info on our promotions, hunts and events!

The picture above was taken quickly since Ali stated she was going to be

AFK for a bit while I was decorating – and yes – she definitely went AFK!


By the end of the day we had all settled in for the most part and, yes,


You will find Alyssalillian McMinnar’s shop close to mine:


along with  Delarosa Glimmer’s:


Hang on to this SURL / LANDMARK

since I know you will be visiting often:


Looking forward to seeing you there!

hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chique of BamPu Legacies

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